Intensive English Language Program American University in Dubai (AUD)
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  • Location: Dubai UAE
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    Course Overview


    • To provide students the opportunity to develop into responsible learners by enhancing their critical and intellectual activity through academic and social experiences;
    • To improve each student’s ability to read, write and recognize organizational patterns within the English language;
    • To improve each student’s ability to use English effectively in its cultural context by developing the appropriate communication approach and increasing cultural awareness;
    • To foster critical thinking and ethical behavior;
    • To encourage students to become active participants in the learning process;
    • To prepare students for TOEFL, ACCUPLACER and IELTS exams in English proficiency.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Demonstrate orally and in writing the ability to think critically by bringing together evidence in support of an argument;
    • Exemplify efficient writing and reading abilities by producing and understanding multiple diverse perspectives in a set framework;
    • Demonstrate ideas by speaking extemporaneously in a social or academic environment;
    • Demonstrate the ability to learn new words and recognize parts of speech in various word forms;
    • Respond to questions that call for reasoned analysis of given information.
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    About American University in Dubai (AUD)

    The American University in Dubai is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1995. AUD's enrollment in 2012-2013 averaged 2,600 students. In Spring 2013, over one hundred nationalities were represented in the AUD student body.

    AUD offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees and a Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies.

    In addition to courses in their chosen program/major, undergraduate students in all disciplines must follow a curriculum in Arts and Sciences. This is in fulfillment of the general education portion of their degree requirements.

    Through its Center for English Proficiency (CfEP), the university also conducts Intensive English programs designed to develop university-level English language skills in students requiring additional language study before commencing university.

    The university's faculty possess appropriate academic credentials. Furthermore, many are or have been practicing professionals of note. In terms of faculty composition, North Americans have the highest representation of any national group.

    AUD's multi-complex facility has been conceived with the objective of supporting the university's programs (both academic and extra-curricular) to an American standard. The campus surroundings include Dubai Internet City and Media City.

    In support of its Mission and Philosophy, AUD's Goals are as follows:

    • To cultivate and reward excellence, especially as it affects the imparting, acquisition, and advancement of knowledge;
    • To guide students in the use of their knowledge and skills for personal and professional fulfillment;
    • To foster an appreciation of the history and on-going development of human culture;
    • To develop critical thinking, effective communication and lifelong learning skills;
    • To promote the value of ethical behavior, responsibility, and commitment;
    • To provide academic programs, services, facilities, and technologies that offer diverse opportunities for learning;
    • To recruit and retain a diverse faculty of qualified educators, providing them with the environment and opportunity to flourish;
    • To foster intercultural understanding as a basis for preparing students as members of a global community;
    • To contribute to the economic and societal development of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and beyond.
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