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This course is designed to provide HR training for inpiduals who are interested in obtaining a thorough understanding into the elements involved in being an HR professional. The course will introduce participants to recent advances and trends in the field and the importance of remaining up to date with them. Participants will learn to identify competencies and recruit employees. They will learn best practices in selecting and maintaining the best employees and building a positive employee-HR relationship with them. Participants will be required to employ strategic planning and creative thinking throughout the course through case studies in order to gain practical experience dealing with real-life situations.

Course Introduction

  • The course will begin with participant introductions and a discussion of the topics that will be covered in this course. Students will receive an outline of the course and will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the content. In addition, students will be asked toanalyze their learning objectives from this course.

What is Human Resources?

  • The concept of human resources will be defined for participants and they will proceed to discuss them. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and discussing common challenges that professionals in this industry face.
  • Analyzing Your Inventory and Forecasting Future Needs

Human Resources Professional

  • This session will discuss what a skills inventory is and the advantages of creating a skills inventory for the business. It will also introduce common methods of creating a skills inventory. In addition, participants will learn how to forecast for future staffing needs and the main types of forecasting.

Job Analysis, Job Competencies and Job Descriptions

  • Participants will study job descriptions and the skills required to be successful for a particular position. They will learn to complete a job analysis and to discuss why it is important. Their job analysis will also introduce them to the topic of job competencies and how to identify the skills needed to do a job.

Do You Really Need to Hire?

  • Determining whether or not hiring is necessary is as important as the hiring process itself. This session will analyze possibilities other than hiring external employees. Participants will also conduct exercises to understand the full costs involved in hiring new employees.

Finding, Advertising and Screening Candidates

  • This session will cover the variety of methods of recruitment and their pros and cons. We will also analyze tips with writing a job advertisement. Upon receiving resume submissions, the next step of screening them is an important step. Participants will learn to develop their own screening guide and use it appropriately.

Human Resources Professional

  • Before, During and After the Interview
  • Prior to the interview, adequate preparation is key. A preparation checklist is very useful and participants will have the opportunity to create one. This session will introduce students to behavioural techniques when interviewing, the history of interviews and how it has progressed over time. Participants will also role-play an interview while observers critique and evaluate it. Following the interview, participants will learn about methods of rating candidates and moving forward with the hiring process.

Orientation and Training

  • When inducting new employees, a strong orientation is crucial to their and the company's success. Common problems and solutions will be discussed during this session. In addition, consistent training of new employees is important for their continued success. Participants will study the training cycle and how to develop a training program. The differences between internal and external training will also be discussed, along with what to look for in external providers.

Performance Reviews: Why and How

  • This session will cover why performance reviews are important and how to conduct performance reviews through case studies and exercises.

Employee-HR Relationship

  • This section will give best practices on maintaining the relationship between employees and Human Resources. We provide some dos and don'ts to help provide a framework to work from when dealing with employees.

Human Resources Professional

  • Labour Law
  • This session will cover the most important and pertinent labour laws that apply to the region within which participants will be working. Special attention will be paid to common mistakes that HR professionals make regarding labour laws and how to avoid them.

Diversity and Privacy in the Workplace

  • persity is an important part of any workplace and this session will cover how persity can affect the work environment. The session will also discuss the privacy of personal information with modern technology and how to protect employee and company privacy.

How Much Compensation is Enough?

  • Proper compensation and benefits are crucial to attracting and retaining employees. This session will discuss how to determine appropriate salary levels and using this component of HR to benefit the company.

Absenteeism and Discipline

  • This session will analyze how costly absenteeism can be for companies and how to reduce it. It will also cover other common situations where discipline is required and the best practices in taking disciplinary action.

Dispute Resolution

Human Resources Professional

  • This session will give participants a basic framework on dispute resolution that can be applied in an HR environment. However, this framework can also be applied in many other situations.

Successful Resignations, Terminations and Exit Interviews

  • One of the hardest parts of this position is properly dealing with employee resignations and terminations. Through case studies and role-playing, we will study and analyze methods to ease this process and create success out of a difficult situation. This session will also teach participants to make use of exit interviews in order to use them as a tool for future company growth. The different types of exit interviews will be discussed and a sample will be analyzed.

Any Questions?

  • The course will end with a review of the concepts learned and a question and answer session.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to create an action plan based on what they have learned and they will fill out a feedback survey about the course.

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