Certified Human Resource Management Manager/Professional ( CHRMM/P) Phoenix Educational Institute

These courses give you an edge over other competitors in that you will receive extensive training and   in-depth knowledge of the subject. These subjects are taught by professional trainers who have many years of experience in their respective fields. You can draw on their experience which gives the training a whole new meaning and not just another classroom experience.

Managerial level course is also available

Registration fee of AED 100/- extra 

On completion of the course you receive the Phoenix certificate attested by KHDA (Ministry of Education, Dubai).

International certification from (AIMS) American Institute of Management Studies is an available option to the student.

Why choose Phoenix Educational Institute?

End of 2005 Phoenix reinvented the way in which working adults could achieve a higher education and made academic innovation, quality and accountability its hallmark. It pioneered an educational and service model specifically geared toward the way adults learn best and made its programs widely available to working professionals using common-sense scheduling and fresh new approaches to academic delivery.

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