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What metrics do HR measure?

How effective is the HR department within an organization?

How HR contributes to strategy

HR Functional Metrics

• Workforce Planning Metrics
• Recruitment Metrics
• Training & Development Metrics
• Compensation & Benefits Metrics
• Employee relations & Retention Metrics

Defining HR analytics

Importance of HR Analytics

Types of Analytics in HR:

• Descriptive Analytics
• Predictive Analytics
• Prescriptive Analytics

Putting HR Metrics and Analytics into Action

• The Balanced Scorecard
• Manpower planning
• Succession Planning & Talent Management
• Absence management
• Skills analysis and training needs analysis
• Job design and evaluation

Metrics and Analytics into Improving Employee Performance

• Employee Motivation
• Engagement
• Empowerment and Accountability
• Performance Management Updated on 15 May, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

Previous Experience of Human Resources

About Talents Mine

Talents Mine is HR consultation and Learning Solutions Company. As today’s market competition becomes very aggressive, Talents Mining is the science of sorting of large amounts of human capitals and identifying their potentials. Talents Mine helps the individuals to sharpen their skills to climb their corporate ladders and achieve their career goals. Talents Mine enables the individuals and organizations to view the competition as an opportunity instead of viewing the competition as an obstacle.

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