Course headline
At Lingo House DMCC, learning a language is more than drills on vocabulary; language learning is culture, geography, environments, people and places. We don’t use books; we use Realia, and we create and design lessons for our students.

Who is this course for?
Everyone can benefit from learning a New Language!

What will I learn?
After completing 3 levels we anticipate learners to become 'full' survival' in the native- speaking environment.

How will I benefit from taking this course?
By learning another language You can have a better career and make more money, You will have a bigger view of the world, You will be able to show cultural respect, You will enlarge your networking, You will become smarter by challenging yourself, You will have more friends, You will enjoy traveling, You will develop your linguistic intelligence and much more!

How will I be assessed?
There will be 3 assessments for each course

Testimonial of former student
"I really enjoy my English class at Lingo House and the fact that they discuss current events and interesting topics. I enjoy learning vocabulary in the context of a realistic conversation. It is a true service."
Amal El Hashem

"I'm from south korea. I've been learning English for few years. But still had so many difficulties with conversation. I've started taking English course at Lingo House and it’s helping me so much. I want to say thank you so much for providing these amazing lessons for foreigners like me who are eager to learn English..."
Jung Yoon - Freelancer

Lingo House JLT fosters the learning of a foreign language by meeting or exceeding individuals’ expectations for developing their linguistic skills. We provide high quality language instruction in a friendly, home-like setting. 

Our method is based on the direct involvement of the student when speaking, and listening to the foreign language in common everyday situations. Our focus is on oral interaction, good pronunciation, spontaneous use of the language, and little if any analysis grammar rules and syntax. In this method our teaching is done mostly in the target language. We believe that learning a language should be fun, enriching and personal experience, and at the same time, increase awareness and understanding between cultures.

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