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Course 1: C Language & Embedded C

  • Why C in EmbeddedOverview
  • ANSI standardCharacteristics
  • Function of CFunction Overloading
  • Conditional StatementsScope Resolution Operator
  • LoopsClasses in C++
  • FunctionAccess Specifiers
  • ArraysConstructor, Destructor
  • StringsStatic Members, Function
  • Storage ClassesFriend Classes, Friend functions
  • Structure & UnionsOperator Overloading
  • Enumerated Data Types 
  • Bit OperationCourse 5: RTOS (Real Time Operating System)
  • Pointer 
  • Dynamic Memory AllocationIntroduction to RTOS with Architecture 
  • File handling ConceptMonolithic and Micro Kernel
  • Raw Data HandlingBooting Vx-Works
  • Low Level ProgrammingTornado Wind River IDE & simulator
  • Command Line ArrangementsSource debugging (cross-wind)
  • Compiler in PracticalPerformance monitoring tools
  • Data StructuresMemory Management
  • Sorting & Searching TechniquesInter-task Communication 
  • Concepts & Real Time Exposure Semaphores 
Course 2: Microcontroller 8051/AVR/PIC/ARDUINO

  •  Introduction Introduction to ARM Family
  •  Overview of Architecture of 8051/AVR/PIC                        
  •  Low-Level Programming Concept                                
  •  Middle Level Programming PIN connect block 
  • Concepts GPID Programming
  •  Cross Compiler Timer Programming
  •  Embedded C/C++ Programming A/D Converter
  •  Embedded C/C++ DebuggingUART Programming
  •  Memory Models I2C & SPI Protocol
  •  Library ReferencePIC
  •  #Pragma Directive  VIC (Vector Interrupt Controller)
  • ON Chip Peripherals CAN Conceptualization
  •  Ports: I/P & O/PI2C Enabled EEPROM Conceptualization
  •  Timer & Counter 
  •  Interrupts, ADC, PWMCourse 7: Linux & Device Driver Programming
  • External Interfaces 
  •  LEDS, LCD, SWITCHESLinux Architecture
  •  Seven Segment & Multiplexing 7-segment display Kernel Description
  •  Keypad Matrix Terminal Commands
  •  LED Matrix File Management System
  •  AC/DC relays Process Management System
  •  Motor: DC Motor/ Stepper Motor/ Servo Motor VI Editor
  •  Wireless RF Modules GCC Complier
  •  Zig Bee (Programming + Communication)Shell Scripting
  • PROTOCOLSUse of make File
  • SPI, I2C, UART, CANCompile & Debugging
  •  Char Driver Conceptualization
  • Robotics IntroductionIntroduction to Internet of Things 
  • Chip Level & Component Level ElectronicsIntroduction to Raspberry Pi 
  • Various Motor for Robot DevelopmentTools: Win 32 image write & SD Formatter
  • Power Supply DesigningWading Raspbrion OS image on SD Card 
  • Robotic Sensor Designing & InterfacingDemo Programming using C 
  • Robotic Motor Controller CircuitBacking up Updating SD card & OS Image 
  • Embedded C ProgrammingInstalling Wiring Pi Package
  • I/O FunctionsControlling the Raspberry Pi GPIO by Command
  • PWMNetworking with Pi 
  • ADCClient-Server Programing for Automating Device/Sniffing Device state
  • Inter Robot CommunicationIOT-Cloud Installing   
  • Practical Electronics & Sensor DevelopmentInstalling & configuring PubNub SDK for C Language
  • Practical working with Electronic ComponentsCreating credentials with PubNub  Cloud Server 
  • Resistor, Capacitor, Diodes, Transistor, RelayEnd to End IOT Programming demonstrations
  • Designing of Logic gate & Power Supply 
  • Development of Sensor like Light, Surface etc  
  • Sensors
  • Gyro & Accelerometer, Ultrasonic sensors, RFID, GPS, PIR Sensor, Temperature Sensor
  • Touch Pad, Gas Sensor, DTMF, RTC, Finger Print Sensor, RS 232, Alcohol Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Sound Sensor, Surface Sensor, Flex Sensor, Buzzer, Relay

Updated on 09 August, 2017

Job titles this course is suitable for

Any Professional who is working in Embedded domain or any Engineering Student who is looking to make career in Embedded System.

Job roles this course is suitable for:

The candidates get high salary packages after completion of Advanced Embedded course.

About SmartBrains Engineers & Technologist Pvt Ltd

SmartBrains Engineers & Technologist Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified premier institute for Advanced Technical Trainings in India.  Established in 2009, the Institute is Partnered and Funded by NSDC, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and is affiliated with ESSCI, PSSC, SCGJ etc. SmartBrains provides High Quality Trainings in Embedded system, Automation, Linux and MATLAB. SmartBrains has successfully delivered training in more than 200+ Colleges and Universities. Our training is imparted by Highly Experienced and Dedicated Faculty. We ensure that our trainers take the pain and responsibility to mould our trainees with adequate knowledge to meet the requirements of the stringent working conditions of this highly volatile industrial sector that promises very high financial returns for candidates who dream to make a career in Electronics Industry. We provide our trainees with elaborate printed materials, conduct internal exams during the course period to get awareness on their knowledge levels. 

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