National Academy Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality from CTH-UK National Academy
Price: AED 2,000

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Who this course is for? 

This programme is aimed at those who wish to gain access to the first year of a relevant university degree or the CTH Diploma in Hotel or Tourism Management programmes. It is also a free-standing qualification for those who wish to enter the hospitality and tourism industries at team member level.

Courses Offered for the First Level - L3 are as followed.

  1. Essentials of human resources and Business computing in tourism & hospitality.
  2. Essentials of marketing and customer relationship in tourism & hospitality.
  3. Tourism and hospitality Industry.
  4. Essentials of tourism and hospitality operations.

How will I be assessed?

The examination process is a combination of both Written and Assignment based exams.

Entry requirements:

Students must have completed secondary education at AS level with a minimum age of 17 years and have at least English IELTS 5.0 level or an approved equivalent. Students who do not satisfy the english requirement, May chose to combine this programme with CTH's Certificate in English for Hospitality & Tourism (Levels 1 & 2).

About National Academy

Why Choose National Academy?

UAE, the land of dreams welcomes scores of people each year from across the globe. With dreams of a better future, 
120 different nationalities co-exist here and work in tandem to achieve a better living standard. With the different 
backgrounds comes a distinct experience and understanding. Education and skills up gradation becomes a tool that 
allows a person to keep up in this competitive environment.

The National Academy with its motto of Better Education and Better Lives works in tandem with students to open up
wider vistas for their career growth. Whether it is a technical course for those aspiring for a dynamic profession in 
specific discipline or a language or soft skill enhancement module; we work closely with specialist and reputed 
institutions to develop content that effortlessly reaches out to all levels of learners. Our personalized approach allows
the student maximum and comprehensive learning.

We understand that continuing education is a choice that many of us have to make with a lot of careful thought. This becomes even more relevant here as a vast majority of the residents support not just their work demands but also the requirements of their families back home, in addition to fending for themselves. We constantly aim to work with you as a partner in fulfilling your goals by providing you quality education in the shortest possible time in a cost-effective manner.

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