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For network engineers who need to increase their value to employers and stay current with advances in networking knowledge and skills, the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification program provides the education and training required for installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting network infrastructure products designed by the industry leader in IP networking.

What will I learn

Building a Simple Network  

  • Exploring the Functions of Networking 
  • Understanding the Host-to-Host Communications Model 
  • OSI Reference Model 
  • Understanding the TCP/IP Internet Layer Understanding the TCP/IP Transport Layer Exploring the Packet Delivery Process Understanding Ethernet 
  • Connecting to an Ethernet LAN 


  • Understanding the Challenges of Shared LANs 
  • Solving Network Challenges with Switched LAN Technology Operating Cisco IOS Software 
  • Starting a Switch Securing the Switch 
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Switching Implementing VLANs and Trunks Optimizing Spanning Tree  
  • Performance Routing Between VLANs 

Wireless LANs 

  • Exploring Wireless Networking Understanding WLAN Security Implementing a WLAN 
  • LAN Connections 
  • Understanding Binary Basics 
  • Constructing a Network Addressing Scheme Starting a Cisco Router 
  • Configuring a Cisco Router Understanding Cisco Router Security 

WAN Connections 

  • Understanding WAN Technologies 
  • Enabling the Internet Connection 
  • Introducing VPN Solutions 
  • Configuring Serial Encapsulation 
  • Enabling Static Routing 

Network Environment Management

  • Managing Cisco Router Startup and Configuration 
  • Managing Cisco Devices 

Medium-Sized Routed Network Construction

  • Exploring the Functions of Routing  
  • Enabling RIP 
  • Implementing VLSM 

Single-Area OSPF Implementation 

  • Implementing OSPF 
  • Troubleshooting OSPF 

EIGRP Implementation 

  • Implementing EIGRP  
  • Troubleshooting EIGRP Access Control Lists 
  • Introducing ACL Operation  
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting ACLs 

Address Space Management 

  • Scaling the Network with NAT and PAT  
  • Transitioning to IPv6 

LAN Extension into a WAN with Frame Relay

  • Establishing a WAN Connection with Frame Relay
  • Troubleshooting Frame Relay WANs

Router Hardware 

  • Understanding routers memories
  • Understanding routers hardware
  • Backup of a router

Advance Routing 

  • Understanding Ipv6
  • Understanding Routing protocols through IPv6
  • VOIP Voice over Ip on a Router

Who We Are?
BRIGHT FUTURE ushers every human being to acquire the knowledge,skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape up a promising and sustainable future. We recognize our vital role in delivering a quality of training for everyone in the UAE, both now and the generations in store. Bright Future is committed to culminate the wished results with a perfect blend of senior educationists and young breed of energetic trainers on its faculty. We encourage the staff to adopt innovative and interactive methods of training in order to make the institute an example of posterity.
Bright Future works under the auspices of Knowledge and Human Development Authority – KHDA Dubai Govt. Currently seven departments are actively introducing hundreds of Professionals to the market, the seven departments are ;

  1. Departmenet of Hospitality 
  2. Department of Soft Skills and Languages
  3. Department of Engineering
  4. Department of Management
  5. Department of Information Technology
  6. Department of Finance 
  7. Departent of Accounting

Bright Future has affiliation with some well known multi national organizations to facilitate our students and give them practical exposure of market trend.

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