Augmented & Virtual Reality Course fees in Vietnam - June 2019 update

The table below provides more information on the fees for Augmented & Virtual Reality courses in Vietnam.
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Course LocationDuration Fees

Virtual Reality and Apps Therapy Course Udemy

TBA VND 465,585

Create your Virtual Reality experiences Udemy

TBA VND 465,818

Build an Augmented Reality android app in 1 hour! Udemy

TBA VND 465,818

Augmented Reality Project : Image Targeted Video Playback Udemy

TBA VND 465,818

ARKit - Create Augmented Reality Apps for iOS Apps Udemy

Flexible VND 1,164,313

Turn Your Smartphone into a VR Headset | Virtual Reality Udemy

TBA VND 1,164,546

Augmented Reality App using Unity & Vuforia, step by step Udemy

Flexible VND 1,630,131

React VR - Creating Virtual Reality Apps Udemy

Flexible VND 1,863,040

Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling In 30 Days Udemy

TBA VND 1,979,728

Virtual Reality Business Model Creation Udemy

TBA VND 2,212,637

When Bodies Think: Influence In Non-Virtual Reality Udemy

TBA VND 2,305,800

Build 2 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with ARCORE and Unity Udemy

Flexible VND 2,328,858

Learn to Design for Augmented Reality with Zapworks Udemy

TBA VND 2,794,677

Unity Virtual Reality - Volume 1 Udemy

Flexible VND 2,911,131

Unity Virtual Reality - Volume 2 Udemy

Flexible VND 2,911,131