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We all heard about virtual reality, how cool it is and what we can do with it and how it's becoming a major thing in the days to come. But what if, instead of playing with other persons projects you build your own ?

The goal of this course is to give you the knowledge needed to start building your virtual reality projects using simple assets ( Google's Cardboard and a gampead) with Unity 3D software so you can also be part of this new revolution. 

I have been developing virtual reality experiences since 2014 and although I work as a CTO virtual reality is still one of my favorite hobbies and this course helps me to share with the rest of the world what I learned and help others improving their skills. 
If you still have doubts about this course and if you are going to do what you want we can do this:  from time to time I will ask students what virtual reality project they would like to develop and I will make lessons about it, and yes there's no extra charge for that because you are already enrolled, ready do jump in ?

If you subscribe to any of my course just send me a message and I'll send you a FREE VOUCHER to another course I've made and since it's almost holidays here's a 50% discount voucher (GAMEDEV) for this course, limited amount available!

Updated on 30 November, 2015
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