About NTI Management & Financial Consultancy

NTI Management & Financial Consultancy‘s business preposition is to provide quality professional training and consulting services to both organisations and individuals.

It strive's to be recognized among the customers for their values:

Integrity – in all their interactions with clients, trainers, and business partners
Professionalism – in designing, developing and delivering all their training programs and certifications
Commitment – to an excellent training provision that adds value to participants and exceeds their expectations
Their vision is aligned to the social and economic priorities of the regions in which they operate. We understand that building a knowledge-based economy is a strategic priority in our region, so we designed our business model to support this priority, providing professional and educational courses in three streams - certifications, public and corporate training - in the following areas:


  1. CPA
  2. CMA
  3. CIA
  4. ACCA
  5. IFRS
  6. Finance and Accounting 
  7. Governance 
  8. Islamic Banking 
  9. Financial Modelling 
  10. Program Management 
  11. Organizational Excellence 
  12. Strategic Planning 
  13. Management and Leadership
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Corporate training profile

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