About 3SC World

3SC World is the culmination of 20 years of business success providing services such as technology solutions, consultancy, project management and supply chain management which includes procurement and logistical support on an International level. 3SC World is a company built on the synergies of expertise, experience and hard work, which inevitably lead to successful projects and satisfied clientele.

3SC Team provides highly certified and experienced IT and Project Management Professionals available for consultancy services in the Technology and Software Sector as well as offering an array of services under various leading Industry requirements on a Global scale.

Their Corporate Senior Executive team consists of USA and European Nationals that oversee the management and successful execution of customer requirements and to ensure customer satisfaction levels are kept as core strength and focus of gaining new customer base while maintaining long term business relations with their valued customers.

When choosing 3SC to support their corporate objectives, individuals are choosing a reputable company with a solid foundation of excellence. They are a debt free company with strong financial backing.

3SC World complete their projects and deliverables on time, within budget, without compromising quality or customer satisfaction. 3SC has the proven ability and experience with delivering high-quality products and services with low-cost solutions.

Their proven past performance and satisfied long term clients speak volumes of their claim to be a leading choice for onshore and offshore as an Outsource service provider.

Through their innovative array of services,the institute oversees the smooth implementation and handling of trainee's requirements, leaving them with the time and peace of mind to focus on your core business.

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