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The Murdoch University Dubai, located in the heart of the impressive Dubai International Academic City. Our home campus in Perth, Western Australia, has more than 22,000 students and 2,500 staff from across almost 100 different countries.

The degree one earns at Murdoch University Dubai is identical in its rigour and content to that taught to students at all of Murdoch’s campuses, whether in Perth (South Street, Rockingham, and Peel campuses) or Singapore. They take great pride in the way that Murdoch University Dubai emphasises the student experience, quality teaching, a forward-thinking and dynamic curriculum, and a multicultural ethos. With over 500 students, taught by academics from 14 countries, this is a stimulating and vibrant place to learn. The facilities offered to students in Dubai are second to none: cutting-edge technology, modern teaching spaces and committed student learning support, backed by a dedicated and globally-educated faculty.
At the Dubai campus a wide range of Diploma, Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs are offered to students from across the region who have the ambition of attaining a prestigious Australian degree whilst studying within a supportive local environment. At the postgraduate level, the courses that are offered are; Master of Business Administration, Master of Health Care Management, and Master of Education. We also offer a robust English language, Diploma and Foundation program catering to the needs of high school, international and mature students wishing to find their pathway into a university degree. Our students have the option to transfer credits earned within and across our network of campuses on a short or long-term basis, for a truly international learning experience.
Murdoch University constantly strives to meet the unique challenges that face UAE students as they look to assume leadership roles in the region and across the world. All the graduates are prepared with the vital skills of communicating and creative thinking, with deep practical knowledge in their subject, and with an awareness of global perspectives. The students are articulate and analytically-minded, with the confidence to take a place on the global stage.

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