Physiotherapy courses in Dubai

Physiotherapy is an alternative medicine that consists of treating illnesses and deformities with techniques such as massages, acupuncture or heat treatment alternatively to using drugs or surgery.

There are several reasons to study physiotherapy in Dubai. Firstly, according to gulfnews, there is an increase of the amount of people suffering from spinal an muscular problems, due to sedentarism. Secondly, Dubai is slowly becoming a medical tourism destination given to the quality of their medical professionals.  These two reasons lead to think that the Healthcare and Medical sector is going to increase hiring in the years to come.

There is one physiotherapy course available in Dubai. Completing a physiotherapy training or obtaining an alternative medicine degree will allow you to work in positions such as physiotherapist, rheumatology specialist or sports medicine specialist.

To obtain more information about alternative medicine opportunities in Dubai, visit our Physiotherapy jobs in Dubai

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