Tax Courses in United Arab Emirates, UAE
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I want to increase my knowledge; please can you assist me which course better for learn about taxes?
(Question asked by Lateifa Al Zaabi on April 30, 2018)

We at Accountants and Auditors  Associations ,have two courses . VAT principles and VAT Return submission. we also have ADVANCED VAT TRAINING  which covers many area of GCC VAT.

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Can you please assist me which courses related to taxes that will increase my knowledge and experience in my career?
(Question asked by Lateifa on June 20, 2018)

Dear Lateifa,  There 3 courses you can study in order to have a successful career 1) GCC VAT Diploma Exam. This exam will help professional to study over a month and master most of the area of VAT.  So student need to register with ATT (U.K) and do the exam. So upon passing the exam. Student will be provided Certificate which helps tax professional to qualify as Tax agent in UAE after completing several formalities of FTA 2) Advanced VAT for professional: This program professional can study 16 to 20 Hours. So that many area of syllabus, including VAT return submission, Voluntary disclosure and Current VAT updates till Feb 2019.Lot practical activities and industry application can be discussed. 3) VAT return submission and VAT principles: in this program staff will be trained as to how to submit VAT return.  This will be covered in 8 hours.  So students can learn the basic principles of UAE VAT and FTA updates. After learning this program, you can progress to Advanced VAT training for professional or GCC VAT diploma. Since the subjects affects every organization, so there will be regular updates, professional need to update his skills regularly.

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