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A keen eye on society’s changing needs gives us a leading edge. Here at the School of Communication, Arts & Social Science (CASS), we equip you to take on the 21st-century — a world that is volatile and complex yet also constantly being reinvented by fresh possibilities.

In this dynamic environment, we believe that individuals trained to harness the power of their imagination can
make a mark and transform their workplaces, communities and even the world. We set out to develop our creative selves and support our peers positively.

Learning from the experts. CASS, like the rest of SP, has embarked on an exciting re-imagination of education. As experts in media and communication, creative writing, drama and psychology, we know our industry and we’re here to help you find your voice; translate that good idea into a brilliant communication campaign, eloquent drama, documentary, film or web-based project; and challenge the way people think.

Experience the industry. Our innovative learning spaces offer an intensely practical education that
extends beyond the classroom, to real projects for clients and hands-on exposure to the latest industry practices. The concept of Business Design Thinking will equip you with a deep understanding of your clients and the ability to generate innovative solutions. You’ll also be having fun, building friendships and expressing yourself in co-curricular activities and student-led initiatives. In the stimulating setting that is uniquely CASS, you’ll be creating stories that you can be proud of - becoming the you that you've always wanted to be.

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