Established in 2005

About CSM Academy International

CSM Academy was established since 2005 as a Private Education Institute to deliver Service Management programmes with a major focus on healthcare services education. We have developed our own intellectual property programmes in Aged Care, Therapy Services, Biomedical Science and is partnering with a UK University to deliver their BSc Nursing, MSc Clinical Research, MSc Health Administration and MSc Nursing Gerontology and/or Palliative Care in Singapore. Good Customer Service is not just the duty of the frontline staff. It should permeate throughout the organization whereby senior management has to believe in it and walk the talk in order to create a service culture in the company. Service is not just for the frontline staff but for everyone in the company. Thus, studying for a course in service management will provide you with a qualification that is always in demand in all industries and will give you the competitive advantage in your career advancement. CSM Academy International specialises in Service Management programmes with a focus on healthcare services.

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