About Avantus Training Pte Ltd

we_they started from the need to develop a skilled pool of technology talent for the community; keeping abreast of the constantly evolving IT landscape. Since, we have been recognized for our ability to be a life-long training partner and mentor for every inpidual. Led by a dynamic management team with manifold strength and chest of experiences in the training industry.

Our corporate culture focuses on the acquisition, retention and sharing of IT knowledge as the engine of success for our services. We strive to build our reputation on ensuring that every one of the professionals we train, support, and certify annually gets the personalized attention and support needed to be successful and competitive.

Avantus was appointed as a Microsoft CPLS within its first week of inception as a company. That was the faith that Microsoft Singapore had in our team at Avantus. We live up to our reputations as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and we went on to bag the following awards in August 2004 – CPLS of the Year 2004, Marketing Excellence of the Year 2004 & Partner of the Year 2004. Never in its history has a CPLS won 3 awards in one year, and more importantly never before has a Learning solutions centre captured the ‘Partner of the Year’ Award.

Avantus is an authorized training centre and training partner for many technology vendors, amongst them are the leading technologies in the IT industry. This distinction requires that we meet stringent standards of training quality, that our trainers are subjected to periodic training updates and innovative training delivery.

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