CFA Courses in Singapore

There are a total of four CFA courses offered in Singapore.

The purpose of a CFA prep course is to ensure you are comfortable with all the content to help you pass the exams. 

There are a total of 3 levels in the CFA:

  • CFA Level 1 
  • CFA Level 2 
  • CFA Level 3

The exam is offered twice a year and the listed courses below will help ensure you will be ready to ace it.

If you have already completed your CFA Level 1 and are not planning to continue to Level 2 you can check out our CFA Level 1 Jobs in Singapore.  Alternatively, If you decide to be brave to take the CFA level 2 and pass the exam, you can check out our CFA Level 2 Jobs in Singapore.  Once you have completed all three levels and gained your CFA certification, check out our CFA Jobs in Singapore for all related vacancies.

The most common role for a CFA qualified individual is a financial analyst where salaries would range within $37,105-$118,498(Payscale, 2016), depending on your level of experience.

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14 Courses Available