Online Nutrition and Diet Courses and Certification

Courses in diet and accredited online nutrition are designed to provide a sound platform onto further learning or training leading to occupational competency for employment or to provide further knowledge for those already qualified in complementary therapies.

There are 603 diet and nutrition distance learning courses, and the price ranges between 100 USD to 1400 USD.


Is diet and nutrition a good career? Yes, it is. A career in nutrition and dietetics will yield in a brighter future and gradually hold pace towards the overall development of the sector.

How long does it take to become a nutritionist online? An average of 3–12 months.
If you're looking to start your nutrition career quickly, you can earn an entry-level certificate online. In most cases, these only require a high school diploma.

What's the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? Unlike Dietitians, Nutritionists primarily work with individual clients. As an expert in food and nutrition, Nutritionists advise people on how to live a more healthy lifestyle and achieve health-related goals.

What jobs can you get with a nutrition certificate? Qualifications in nutrition can lead to a number of jobs, including an allied health assistant, a food service worker, a food safety supervisor.

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