About IBEC Retail Skillnet

Retail Ireland Skillnet (formerly Ibec Retail Skillnet) was created to develop and deliver training and education programmes for those employed in the retail sector. Consequently a broad cross section of retail operators have been brought together to form a network which is representative of the sector.
Currently Retail Ireland Skillnet has a wide range of training and education programmes available. All the training programmes are developed and delivered by professional trainers that have significant retail experience. Upon successful completion of the training, employees receive nationally approved certification.
All the training is 50% funded from the National Training Fund, through the Department of Education and Skills. This funding is administrated through Skillnets – the body responsible for the promotion and facilitation of training and up skilling in Ireland.
The work based learning programmes are designed to ensure that the learning acquired results in immediate improvements in the workplace. As opposed to relying on exams, theyuse work based assessments that lead to improvements in the workplace.
This cost effective model to education and training has seen over 12,000 retail employees receive work based qualifications in Ireland in recent years.
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