Established in 1999

About Ballyfermot Training Centre

The Ethos of Ballyfermot IT Centre is to allow the local community have equal access to the facilities and enable each member to progress from their existing skills level to higher levels. 

The centre recognises the importance of information technology in society as a means to communicate on an equal basis. The need for an accessible ICT training venue was identified as a priority area of action under Ballyfermot Partnership Company’s area action plan 1995 - 2000. 

Ballyfermot Partnership Economic working group hosted an Economic Forum meeting that took place 12th November 1998 that subsequently highlighted and identified education and ICT skills as a key inhibitor for economic development in the Ballyfermot area. Ballyfermot Information Technology Ltd. was a Ballyfermot Partnership initiative. The company, limited by guarantee was set up in 1999 in order to become the managing agent of the Information Technology Training Unit on Le Fanu Road in Ballyfermot. It became a Social Economy Enterprise on 11th November 2000.  

The Social Economy Enterprise changed to a Community Service Programme administered by Pobal on 1st January 2006. The company is now The Ballyfermot IT Centre Social Economy Limited. 

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