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Module (01) Mechanical Seal Fundamentals
Module (02) Fundamentals of Mechanical Seal Operation
1.1.1. Seal requirements
1.1.2. Packed Stuffing Box
1.1.3. Simple Mechanical Seal
1.1.4. Seal Face Lubrication
1.1.5. Sealing points
Module (03) Basic Seal Designs
1.2.1. Pusher Seal
1.2.2. Non-pusher (Bellow) Seal
1.2.3. Pusher seal vs. Non pusher seal
1.2.4. API seal types
Module (04) Variation in basic seal designs
1.3.1. Unbalanced Seals
1.3.2. Balanced Seals
1.3.3. Mixer Seals
1.3.4. High Pressure Seals
1.3.5. High Speed Seals
1.3.6. Dry Gas Seal
1.3.7. Split seal
Module (05)Mechanical Seal Arrangements
1.4.1. Inside Seals
1.4.2. Outside Seals
1.4.3. Double Seals
1.4.4. Tandem Seals
1.4.5. Cartridge Seals
1.4.6. API seal arrangements
Module (06) Environmental Controls - Popular Seal Flushing – API Plans
2.1. Standard Seal Flush
Module (07) Seal Installation / Operation / Maintenance
3.1. Equipment Checkpoints
3.2. Seal Checkpoints
3.3. Seal Installation
3.4. Environmental Controls Installation
3.5. Start-up and operation
3.6. Seal Maintenance
Module (08) Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis
4.1. Full contact Pattern
4.2. Coning (Negative Rotation)
4.3. Thermal Distortion
4.10. High Wear and Grooving
4.11. Out of Square Matting Ring
4.12. Wide Contact Pattern
4.13. Eccentric Contact Pattern
Module (09) Glossary and Definition of Seal Terms
Module (10) Conventional and Interactive Skill Tests with evaluation
Module (11) API-682 guided Seal Selection Procedure Tool
  Updated on 19 January, 2017

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All participants will be provided with a “Successfully completed course” certificate for those participants who satisfy the following conditions 100% attendance in the class Submit all the course work and assignments Successful completion of the End of course Assessment

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