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This training program covers diversification, duration, risk tolerance, market timing, estate planning and dollar cost averaging - investment vehicles and concepts that lie at the heart of developing an investor profile and implementing successful wealth management strategies. It concludes with a case study integrating several issues common to wealth management that shows the banker/investment advisor how to apply these techniques to real-world situations.


American Academy of Project Management (AAPM - USA) The AAPM ® is the regulatory body for the much sought after AAPM ™ Designations and Credentials. The AAPM ™ Executive Designation Programs provide the assurance that the holder has met the suggested criteria for graduate credentials set out in the Ibanez US Supreme Court Decision and Dicta.


High Authority Council for Arab Managers (HACAM) HACAM believes that this certificate will be a valuable resource for professionals within the Arab world in order to understand how these and other processes for organizational improvement are interrelated. HACAM provides training program in the Middle East and targets Managers of quality-focused organizations/industries, professionals aiming to increase their effectiveness/ productivity and anyone interested in the field of quality.


  • Determine your client's time horizon
  • Identify your client's level of risk or risk tolerance
  • Understand the impact of your client's tax rates on investment decisions
  • Construct an appropriate investment approach utilizing your client's time horizon, risk tolerance and tax
  • Define duration to determine the validity of an investment strategy
  • Understand the factors that immunize a portfolio
  • Understand how to mix duration to meet clients' investment objectives
  • Assess the risks associated with duration
  • Differentiate between systematic and unsystematic risk
  • Understand the basics and application of portfolio theory
  • Understand how to diversify among asset classes in a portfolio.
  • Allocate a client's assets among the appropriate assets.
  • Implement asset allocation decisions for a portfolio.
  • Assist clients to minimize estate and income taxes Analyze the needs and interests of a sample client.
  • Apply the investment principles of wealth management in order to provide sound investment advice to a client.
  • Determine the best investment strategy for the sample client.


  • This programme is suitable for individuals working in the financial services, investment management and Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) sub-sectors, specifically in the role of client services, administration, distribution, marketing, call centres and any other support functions.


You are qualified to take this certification if you have any of the below requirements:

  • Must have at least one year experience in related field
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree


1. Financial Markets

  • Explain Money Markets and money market instruments
  • Explain Capital Markets and Capital market instruments
  • Explain Equity Markets and equity market instruments
  • Explain the basic principles of asset management that apply to financial markets and insurance

2. Collective Investment Schemes (CIS)

  • Describe collective investment schemes
  • Outline the structure of the collective investment industry
  • Indicate how collective investment scheme portfolios are reported

3. CIS Administration

  • Explain common transactions in a collective investment scheme portfolio
  • Administer basic client related transactions in a CIS or LISP
  • Money Laundering (FICA)

4. Retirement Funds

  • Investigate the need to provide financially for own retirement
  • Investigate possible funding options for investors exiting a group retirement fund
  • Analyse different group retirement products
  • Analyse the Pension Funds Act as it applies to the administration of retirement funds

5. Financial Planning

  • Explain the structure of the Financial Services industry in SA
  • Investigate the range of options available for Wealth Management FAIS
  • Explain basic investment principles

6. Financial Services Environment

  • Explain basic economics
  • Analyse current events reported in the media that could impact on wealth management
  • Ethical Conduct

7. Personal Finance

  • Interpret Basic Financial Statements
  • Investigate ways of managing financial risks in our own lives
  • Managing risks in our own lives
  • Describe the basic principles of personal Income tax
  • Our programme assumes delegates have matric maths

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About Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal

Located in the heart of Dubai United Arab Emirates, Deira. Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal or more popular with the name "AIAL" is recognized as one of Middle East leading teaching institutions.

AIAL President founded the Institute "to provide a trustworthy professional training."

AIAL had been founded at the hands of its promoter whose experience exceeds three decades 30 years, it remains dedicated to finding solutions to the great challenges of the day and to preparing its participants for a better career in today's world.

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