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Course details

About course:  This course can be Completed by 30 hrs. Of duration which includes 2D & 3D. After completing this course candidate can become a Professional
  • Civil/Arch Draftsman
  • Interior Designer
  • Mechanical Draftsman
  • Electrical Draftsman
Type of companies where candidates can apply for job after this course:
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Electro-Mechanical Companies
  • Contracting companies
  • Government Authorities like DEWA,
Qualification for learning this course: Those who have Engineering Background
Or those who wish to study technically with High school/Diploma holders can also learn. This course is also good for career level up for below Job titles:
  • Site supervisors
  • MEP Supervisors
  • MEP Technician
  • Surveyor’s
Chapter 1: Getting Started with AutoCAD
Starting the Software
User Interface
Working with Commands
Cartesian Workspace
Opening an Existing Drawing File
Viewing Your Drawing
Saving Your Work

Chapter 2: Basic Drawing and Editing Commands
Drawing Lines
Erasing Objects
Drawing Vertical and Horizontal Lines
Drawing Rectangles
Drawing Circles
Undo and Redo Actions
Chapter 3: Projects: Creating a Simple Drawing
Create a Simple Drawing
Create Simple Shapes

Chapter 4: Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
Using Running Object Snaps
Using Object Snap Overrides
Polar Tracking at Angles
Object Snap Tracking
(Optional) Drawing with Snap and Grid

Chapter 5: Making Changes in Your Drawing
Selecting Objects for Editing
Moving Objects
Rotating Objects
Scaling Objects
Mirroring Objects
Editing with Grips
Chapter 6: Projects: Making Your Drawings More Precise
Schematic Project: Electronics Diagram
Architectural Project: Landscape
Mechanical Project: Using Polar and Tracking
Mechanical Project: Surge Protector
Mechanical Project: Satellite

Chapter 7: Organizing Your Drawing with Layers
Creating New Drawings with Templates
What are Layers?
Layer States
Changing an Object’s Layer

Chapter 8: Advanced Object Types
Drawing Arcs
Drawing Polylines
Editing Polylines
Drawing Polygons
Drawing Ellipses

Chapter 9: Analyzing Model and Object Properties
Working with Object Properties
Measuring Objects
Chapter 10: Projects: Drawing Organization and Information
Architectural Project
Mechanical Project
Civil Project

Chapter 11: Advanced Editing Commands
Trimming and Extending Objects
Stretching Objects
Creating Fillets and Chamfers
Offsetting Objects
Creating Arrays of Objects

Chapter 12: Inserting Blocks
What are Blocks?
Working with Dynamic Blocks
Inserting Blocks
Inserting Blocks using the Tool Palettes
Inserting Blocks using the Design Center

Chapter 13: Projects: Creating More Complex Objects
Mechanical Project 1: Plate
Mechanical Project 2: Gasket
Mechanical Project 3: Plate
Mechanical Project 4: Rocker Arm
Architectural Project 1: Floor Plan
Architectural Project 2: Floor Plan
Civil Project: Parking Lot

Chapter 14: Setting Up a Layout
Working in Layouts
Creating Layouts
Creating Layout Viewports
Guidelines for Layouts

Chapter 15: Printing Your Drawing
Printing Concepts
Printing Layouts
Print and Plot Settings

Chapter 16: Projects: Preparing to Print
Mechanical Project
Architectural Project

Chapter 17:
Working with Annotations
Adding Text in a Drawing
Modifying Multiline Text
Formatting Multiline Text
Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing
Creating Tables
Modifying Tables

Chapter 18: Hatching
Editing Hatches

Chapter 19: Adding Dimensions
Dimensioning Concepts
Adding Linear Dimensions
Adding Radial and Angular Dimensions
Editing Dimensions

Chapter 20: Projects: Annotating Your Drawing
Mechanical Project
Architectural Project 1
Architectural Project 2
Civil Project

Projects according to Students Area of Focus
  • HVAC designing
  • Plumbing designing
  • Firefighting designing
  • Electrical designing
  • Interior Designing
AutoCAD 3D
  • Chapter 1: 3D Foundations
  • Why Use 3D?
  • Introduction to the 3D Modeling Workspace
  • Basic 3D Viewing Tools
  • 3D Navigation Tools
  • Introduction to the User Coordinate System (UCS)
  • Chapter 2: Simple Solids
  • Working with Solid Primitives
  • Solid Primitive Types
  • Working with Composite Solids
  • Working with Mesh Models
  • Chapter 3: Working with the User Coordinate System
  • UCS Basics
  • UCS X, Y, and Z Commands
  • UCS Multi-functional Grips
  • Saving a UCS by Name
  • Chapter 4: Creating Solids & Surfaces from 2D Objects
  • Complex 3D Geometry
  • Extruded Solids and Surfaces
  • Swept Solids and Surfaces
  • Revolved Solids and Surfaces
  • Lofted Solids and Surfaces
  • NURBS Surfaces
  • Chapter 5: Modifying in 3D Space
  • 3D Gizmo Tools
  • Aligning Objects in 3D Space
  • 3D Modify Commands
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Solid Editing
  • Editing Components of Solids
  • Editing Faces of Solids
  • Fillets and Chamfers on Solids
Updated on 22 January, 2022

Eligibility / Requirements

- A general level of operating system understanding 
- Basic computer skills

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