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    Why Should You Learn English?
    Today, English is the official language of business communications in most countries. Learning English is one of the best decisions one can make in order to improve their communication skills. Various statistics show that there are over three hundred million people in the world who speak English as a second language, and there are over one hundred million more who use the language as a preferred form of communication.
    Designed for:
    Learners who wish to understand the key points in complex texts on his own and to be capable of expressing himself spontaneously.
    Course Overview:
    Read authentic texts from many sources, such as newspapers and magazines. You will learn to read quickly both for general understanding and for specific details, and also to read more thoroughly for better comprehension.
    Write both formal and informal letters describing impressions and feelings, experiences and events. You will also learn to write descriptive texts and narratives and reports on a range of subjects.
    Listen to a variety of material from interviews with real people, radio programmes, songs and lectures. You will learn to listen both for general understanding and more detail.
    Discuss familiar topics in some detail and speak confidently with native speakers. You will also learn to give your own opinions and discuss advantages and disadvantages. Business Communication.
    Use a variety of grammatical tenses - present and past simple and continuous, present perfect simple and continuous, and modal verbs. You will also learn conditionals and reported speech.
    Vocabulary Topics
    Use vocabulary connected with sports and leisure, art, music and literature, weather, travel and words connected with birth marriage and death as well as formal and informal vocabulary.
    Use social expressions, and informal language, take telephone messages and make suggestions. Updated on 21 July, 2020

    About Karama Language & Computer Center

    Karama Language and Computer Centre (KLCC) established in 2005, is a highly professional training institute, approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), U.A.E, offering a wide range of training programs for enhancing skills in diverse fields.

    We are based in Dubai, the thriving business hub of the Middle East and it offers a wide scope of activities for the business community in the U.A.E.

    Whether your employees need computer training or language training KLCC offers a complete learning experience irrespective of nationality or skill level.

    The training offered by us has helped numerous organizations improve their overall work & quality standards.

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