MBA American University in the Emirates (AUE)
Price: AED 105,050
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years
  • Timings: Full Time,Part Time, Full Time / Part Time

    Course details

    AUE grants students with financial difficulties the opportunity to apply for financial aid which is subject to the submission of all necessary supporting documents, review and approval of the concerned committee. However, the responsibility of financing higher education rests with students and their families. Students can apply for a financial aid by submitting a completed Financial Aid Form together with the required supporting documents to the Student Affairs Department. Based on the student and the university financial aid budget, a discount will be applied to the student's balance. The discount will be reviewed on yearly basis and not included in summer semesters. The Financial aid of enrolled students with CGPA less than 2.5 will not be renewed. Financial aid will be awarded to students regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, or disability. All students are guaranteed fair and equal treatment in the allocation of financial aid.

    What is distinctive about this course?

    This program has a global perspective, reflecting the Dubai's position as a hub of international business activities. Dubai's status as a global business city and an international financial market center provides ample opportunities to draw on local resources with global perspectives. Students from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds add flavor to the University's program, as you network with and learn from each other.

    The program is taught at the AUE Dubai campus on a full-time format during weekdays and weekends. It includes range of courses intended to offer a firm grasp of broad-based business fundamentals with choices of pursuing specializations in the designated streams.

    The MBA program offers a personal academic approach to help mature students to prepare for a rapidly evolving business world. The program is elaborately tailored to meet the needs and interests of graduates as they build on their current base of knowledge and work experience. Students' understandings are enhanced through the personal attention of AUE's highly talented faculty.

    Surveys from business alumni suggest that this teaching approach has a significant impact on professional development. The primary benefit of the program is that it prepares students for lifetime professional development.

    Core Courses

    • Marketing and International Business
    • Advanced Financial management
    • Strategic Cost and Managerial Accounting
    • Managerial Economics
    • Strategic Management: Theory and Practice
    • Leadership and Change Management
    • Management of Information Technology

    Elective Courses

    • Project Management
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Total Quality Management
    • E-Commerce and International Trade
    • Special Topics (new)
    • Organizational Development

    Who is this course for?
    The program targets for individuals who want to advance their career and become future;

    • Chief Executive Officer of Public & Private Organizations
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Program Director / Manager at Public & Private enterprises
    • Director / Manager of Business Enterprises

    How will I benefit from taking this course?
    The program is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop:

    • The analytical tools for decision making in a diverse business world covering complex business, ethical and challenging issues 
    • The organizational skills for the effective implementation of policy in the context of market requirements 
    • An understanding of the managerial knowledge in the functional areas of business 
    • The skills of leadership, teamwork and supervision
    • The skills of effective oral and written communication, involving presentations and critical thinking
    • An understanding and ability to use technology as a tool of effective management system
    Updated on 10 September, 2018

    About American University in the Emirates (AUE)

    The American University in the Emirates - AUE as we are affectionately known - is one of the most rapidly growing universities in the United Arab Emirates. Why do so many students want to study here? This is partly because AUE offers an American curriculum, with a General Education undergraduate core, taught by highly regarded faculty members, who seek to engage our students in excellent learning experiences, as well as enthusiastic alumni recommendations.

    AUE faculty members collectively value our hard-earned reputation for high quality in teaching, learning and related research, and seek to promote intercultural understanding and respect. Accordingly, AUE blends a commitment to serve the society and economy of the nation and region with its American identity. Beyond the curriculum, what is American about AUE?

    This US identity is also based upon the use of English as the medium of instruction and management, active linkages with US university partners that enrich our academic provision, gender co-education with respect for local culture, the recruitment of faculty and staff with extended experience in the US higher education system, and a vibrant commitment to diversity, as well as academic freedom and responsibility.
    AUE offers students excellent undergraduate, graduate and professional programs that encourage you to become proactive, reflective and critical thinkers and researchers. AUE students learn to become part of a fully-engaged community, whose members embrace their own culture, while also understanding other cultures and perspectives, in a spirit of humane tolerance.

    The American University in the Emirates welcomes new faculty and staff who are attracted by our vision and mission to consider an application to join us, in order to further develop our dynamic, expanding University. We hope that you will wish to learn much more about our AUE in the web pages ahead, and will be glad to answer any related questions that you might have.

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