Master of Business Administration- MBA Qesire Professional Development
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  • Duration: Upto 1 Years

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Unit Specification
Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate the nature, scope and context of strategic management.
Learning Outcome 2: Identify and evaluate the external factors affecting an organisation
Learning Outcome 3: Review and evaluate existing business plans and strategies of an
Learning Outcome 4: Design a suitable management strategy for an organisation.
Learning Outcome 1: Explain forms of investment appraisal and evaluate the approaches used
Learning Outcome 2: Apply cost concepts to management decision-making.
Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate the importance of risk management in strategic decision-making
Learning Outcome 4: Apply financial management techniques to intangible resources.
Learning Outcome 5: Interpret and analyse financial statements for strategic planning and
Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate classical and contemporary leadership and management
theories, and their relevance to contemporary organisations.
Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate their own leadership skills and development.
Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate approaches to organisational change and relevant processes.
Learning Outcome 4: Identify and analyse stakeholder needs/concerns as affected by
organisational change.
Learning Outcome 5: Design a plan to implement and monitor effective change within an
Learning Outcome 6: Critically evaluate the relationship between leadership and change
management in organisations.
Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate the impact that resource decisions have both internally and
externally on an organisation’s performance and effectiveness.
Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate how the strategic management of human resources contributes
to the achievement of organisational objectives.
Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate current issues in human resource management theory and
Learning Outcome 4: Design and evaluate a plan which integrates different elements of human
resource management into coherent organisational strategies.
Learning Outcome 5: Evaluate the effectiveness of human resource management in adding
value to an organisation’s approach to performance measurement.
Learning Outcome 6: Evaluate the strategic role of capacity management in relation to
operations in manufacturing and service organisations.
Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate marketing opportunities in an organisation.
Learning Outcome 2: Design and evaluate a framework for an integrated strategic marketing
plan for an organisation.
Learning Outcome 3: Design and evaluate a marketing campaign for an organisation.
Learning Outcome 4: Identify and select new customer product or service ideas and apply
appropriate tools and techniques wherever relevant
Updated on 21 June, 2016

About Qesire Professional Development

Qesire Professional Development we are professional based UK Company, we are highly concentrated on providing the high scalable alternatives for training programs by using the best technical methods and updated knowledge to deliver in the seminars that we organize for the resources training. We help you in developing your business skills and resources with the assets that benefit your business in many different ways and also by making your employees better and efficient by developing their skills at the high level. We provide the training courses with best strategies so that you get the best results from that and find profit in adopting them. We work in areas of Middle East and international Headquarter in UK. We offer the training courses under professionals who are practically experienced in all this and have the best technique of developing skills and improving their way of working.

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