Advanced Sukuk & Islamic Securitization Nasdaq Dubai
Price: AED 10,101
  • Other Location: DIFC - Dubai
  • Duration: 3 Days

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    Sukuk has emerged over the past 5 years as an increasingly important asset class. These products have a number of objectives: to offer a mechanism for the sharing of profits from a project or asset; to enable organizations to raise capital in a Shariaa-compliant fashion; and to expand the investor bases for issuers and offering investment opportunities to new groups.

    Considering their relative infancy, Sukuk may be structured in a number of increasingly complex ways. Indeed, new products are being continuously developed and further innovation is underway as Sukuk become more widely accepted and mainstream. Challenges, however, remain: issues concerning ratings, liquidity, Shariaa, standardization, product acceptability and documentation all combine to ensure the development of Sukuk instruments is no straightforward task. Further complications have recently arisen due to a number of high profile defaults in the GCC. What have these events taught us about future Sukuk issuances and structures?
    This is a highly practical, fully-revised 3 day course delivered by industry expert Abdulkader Thomas that will address all the above issues in detail. The program is conducted in a consultative fashion and all key concepts and structures are illustrated by a case study or an exercise. At various points during the course delegates are expected to work in groups to structure financing solutions for clients, and then present these ideas to the full class.
    What you will learn
    • Compare and contrast between Sukuk, bonds and asset backed securities (ABS)
    • Identify different type of Sukuk and debt capital market strategies applied in the market
    • Examine various current issues related to Sukuk market-covering business, credit, legal, Shariaa and other issues
    • Analyze various deal term sheets to determine risks, legal status and enforcement rights of investors
    • Structure suitable Sukuk solution to meet different financing and investment needs
    Updated on 17 November, 2019

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