Diploma of Library & Information Services Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI)
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    Programme Goal
    The Diploma of Library and Information Services is designed to meet the needs of a growing industry within the UAE. Students will develop the skills and knowledge needed to become capable library technicians in either public or private enterprises in the UAE.

    Graduates will be able to use a range of specialized computer applications including databases and library management systems. They will be able to support a wide range of business, industries, schools and colleges in developing information literacy programs. Students will be able to analyze books and documents for selection, preservation and retention in traditional and corporate libraries.

    Work Placement
    All students complete a work placement in a library environment prior to graduating. During their work placement, students are expected to apply and extend the skills they have learned in the classroom, thus enhancing their work readiness on graduation.

    Key Areas of Study

    • Cataloguing
    • Bibliographic control and access
    • Database management
    • Preparing, processing and storing resources
    • Quality customer service
    • Information literacy
    • Library collection management
    • Employment

    Work Benefits

    Graduates will be eligible to work in public schools as well as government and corporate libraries. They will have the skills to work in positions as assistant librarians, school librarians and library technicians.

    Updated on 08 November, 2015

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    Vocational education includes a diversity of occupations including retail, information technology, business, travel and tourism, hotel management, hospitality, nance, medical, property, paralegal, environment, health, safety, design.

    Learners develop skills to enable them to be procient in the workplace. These skills are occupational skills, industry skills and essential skills.

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