Planning and managing projects to meet the agreed project objectives, resources, time and cost constraints, and quality requirements is critical in today's competitive environment. Doing things right the first time with the motto ‘make it happen' is extremely important so as to not waste resources. This course will take participants from the basic to advanced parameters of project management providing a sound foundation in core project management fundamentals processes and techniques. It will also introduce participants to crucial project management concepts and applications in order to structure, plan, manage and conclude any project successfully.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Learn the concept of a"project“
  • Understand the overall Project Management Context, through the Business Goals, Objectives, Portfolio Management, Program Management and the establishment of Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Learn the role of a project manager and the skills required
  • Recognize the steps to be taken to keep a schedule on track and on budget by development of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Identify the key factors in project success and managing stakeholders
  • Able to work with risk and quality issues
  • Can establish guidelines for building and controlling cost and the Budget, and measuring performance using the Earned Value Management Technique (EVMT)
  • Obtain the skills for presenting ideas and asking for feedback
  • Learn advonced topics in team leadership and motivation
  • Know the key stages of concluding the project, delivering project outcomes ft capturing lessons learned in order to apply in future projects.

Course Outlines

  • Introduction to project management
  • Project management overview
  • Project managers areas of expertise
  • Project management processes ft context
  • Project phases
  • Project lifecycle ft project accoun tability
  • Project organizational structure
  • Project management knov/ledge areas

Initiating the project

  • Project selection
  • Business goals, vision, mission ft objectives
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project initio tion-project charter and stakeholder's analysis

Planning and executing the project

  • Project risks, assumptions, and constraints
  • Requiremen ts and developing a project scope
  • Project team roles and responsibilities
  • WBS, estimating, scheduling and budgeting o Develop a change management plan o Identify risks and define risk strategies
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Execute tasks defined in the project plan
  • Ensure common understandings
  • Implemen t the procurement of project resources
  • Manage and allocate resources and the project team
  • communicating with sponsors and executives
  • Implementing a quality plan
  • Working around obstacles, approved changes and actions
  • Improving team performance

Monitoring and controlling the project

  • Measure project performance using the EVMT
  • Verify, monitor and control changes
  • Ensure project deliverables con form to quality standards
  • Monitor all risks

Closing the project

  • Final acceptance of the project
  • Financial, legal, and administrative closure

Project Management Office (PMO)

Who Can Benefit

  • Personnel from all disciplines working on projects

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