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    inlingua  Method

    Learn the language by speaking the language!

    Learning English means much more than just studying grammar and vocabulary!

    Here is a proven method that focuses on understanding, speaking, communicating and interacting with others. Every unit topics are chosen from daily-life situations. Classroom activities include group discussions, presentations, role-plays, pair-up activities etc. With the inlingua  Method, students speak 70% of the time while our teachers are actually "trainers" who help you develop deeper fluency faster. Ultimately it is FUN & learning. 

    *Native English Speaking trainers

    *Small Class sizes

    Updated on 14 August, 2017

    About Score Plus Ras Al Khaimah

    At Score Plus we recognize that learning occurs throughout an individual's lifespan. As an Education Service Provider, we at Score Plus stand by this spirit of learning through providing academic guidance, content, assessment and instruction. Our goal is to encourage and engage learners through means, which promotes and reassures success.
    At Score Plus, we equip our students with the right resources,  training and expertise to accomplish their goals and aspirations during their school, college and beyond college. Since 2002, Score Plus has been providing services for Test Prep, Language Training and K-12 services.
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