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Course Outline :
Introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max 2018
Visualization Workflow
Autodesk 3ds Max Interface and Workflow
Autodesk 3ds Max Interface
Viewport Display and Labels
Viewport Navigation
Viewport Configuration
Object Selection Methods
Units Setup
Layers and Object Properties
Cloning and Grouping
Assembling Files by importing, linking, or merging
Basic Modeling Techniques
Model with Geometries
Modifiers and Transforms
Sub-Object Mode
Reference Coordinate Systems and Transform Centers
Polygon Modeling Tools
Modeling From 2D Objects
3D Modeling from 2D Objects
Edit Spline Modifier
2D Booleans
Extrude Modifier
Bevel, Bevel Profile Modifier and Sweep Modifier
Lathe Modifier
3D Boolean Operations
Using Snaps for Precision
Understanding Maps and Materials
Managing Materials
General Materials
Scanline Materials
Autodesk Materials
V-Ray Materials
V-Ray Advanced Materials
Mapping Coordinates and Scale
Mapping Coordinates
Mapping Scale
Spline Mapping
Lighting in 3Ds MAX
Local vs. Global Illumination
Standard Lighting
Types of Standard Lights
Photometric Light Objects
Light systems (Day light - Sun Light)
V-Ray Lights
HDRI Images, Lighting and Background Environment
Exposure Control, Cameras and Rendering
Camera and Physical Camera
Exposure Control
Daytime Lighting
Scanline Renderer
V-Ray Renderer
V-Ray Render Elements
Print Size Wizard
Camera Animation
Animation and Time Controls
Walkthrough Animation
Animation Output
Color Correction and Post Production
Photoshop for 3Ds max Updated on 08 April, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

architecture engineering 
knowledge of 3dmax 

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