Ship Familiarization for Maritime Security Operatives CDS Consulting
  • Locations: Al Dafna
  • Duration: Upto 1 Week

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The purpose of this course is to familiarize the learner with the basic layout, culture, rules, regulations and administration of a merchant vessel. It is imperative that every person aboard a merchant vessel, irrespective of rank, utilization, experience or perceived knowledge, is familiar with the basic duties and responsibilities of all crew members to understand where each person fits into the greater vessel organization, and also to know what is expected from each person aboard. This foundational knowledge must be exercised and respected by all personnel who are an integral part of the crew of a vessel when aboard for the duration of a voyage to ensure that the safety and general well-being of other seafarers and the vessel is not compromised at any stage as a result of acts of negligence, incompetence or disrespect of the vessel's rules and regulations. This course is not the ultimate guide for familiarizing a person of the workings of a ship, and it is also not intended as such. This course was designed to equip the learner with the foundational knowledge required to understand the basics of life aboard a merchant vessel, which will also serve as a platform for further self-development through industry experience. Merchant vessels differ greatly, and not one vessel is the same as another. However, certain guidelines, procedures, rules and regulations remain standard throughout the international merchant shipping industry, and upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be proficient in the following (learning objectives):

  • Introduction to Merchant Vessels
  • Seamanship
  • Glossary of Port and Shipping Terms
  • Description of Technical Terms used by the Maritime Industry 
  • Ship Design Basics
  • Overview of Shipping Economics
  • Hierarchy and Functional Composition of a Ship's Crew
  • Functional Description of the Departments aboard a Ship
  • Health, Safety and Accident Prevention aboard a Vessel
  • Incident Response Guidelines
  • Emergency Procedures, Musters and Drills


  • Ship Security Officers;
  • Company Security Officers;
  • Port Facility Security Officers;
  • Maritime Security Officers;
  • Private Maritime Security Companies;
  • Internal QMS Auditors;
  • Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (In port or at sea); and
  • Anyone else with a reason or desire to work on a Merchant Vessel, irrespective of industry.

Certification: This course conforms to the technical standards prescribed by Section 4 Training and Awareness of ISO 28007-1:2015 Ships and Marine Technology, and upon successfull completion of this course with a pass mark of 80% and higher, the learner will receive a Certificate of Achievement and Statement of Results confirming competency in accordance with the assessment criteria.

Method of Presentation:

Class: 20 - 30 learners. 

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CORPS Defence Services (CDS) is a leading provider of services relating to defence consulting, maritime security operations training and development, and executive protection. Our high standards of service reflects the company's experience of operating within austere environments under extremely challenging conditions, and it is through this experience that CDS products were shaped to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to modern day customer challenges within our areas of operation.

The CDS Consulting services network focusses on Africa and the Middle East, with various projects being coordinated from both South Africa (Africa operations) and Qatar (Middle East operations) respectively.

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