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Precision Shaft alignment course uses a combination of lectures, technical discussion, video and hands-on training. Specific topics include:
Alignment: Introduction
  • Types of misalignment
  • Alignment tolerances
  • Alignment process overview
  • Alignment procedure
  • Precision alignment
  • Alignment methods
Alignment: The Benefits
  • Learn the importance of shaft alignment as well as the effect of alignment
  • The benefit of precise shaft alignment to the rotating machinery
Alignment: Calculation for Horizontal Shaft Alignment
  • Step-by-step approach to use dial indicator in alignment methods
  • Reverse dial indicator method.
  • Rim and face indicator method.
  • Alignment correction for machines not subject to thermal growth
Alignment: Pre-alignment
  • Base preparation
  • Procedures and precaution for taking accurate readings and measurement
  • Machinery soft foot - how to do measurement, nalysis and correction.
  • Measuring run out due to coupling eccentricity and bent shaft.
  • How much run out is too much?
Alignment: Rough Alignment
  • Procedure of rough alignment
  • Preparation for alignment challenge
Alignment: Dynamic Movements
  • Thermal growth effect
  • Determining final desired alignment reading for machines subject to thermal growth
  • Alignment correction for machines subject to thermal growth
Alignment: Reverse Dial Method Exercise
  • Applying graphical drawing/techniques
  • Learn to do adjustment from graphical drawing.
  • Finding the optimum moves when bolt bound or base-bound.
  • Finding the optimim moves when there is thermal effect
Alignment: Case studies and Overview of shaft alignment practices.
  • Hands-on with reversed dial indicator method
  • Pre-alignment checks
  • Soft foot determination and correction
  • Fixture assembly
  • Taking and recording accurate readings.
  • Compensating for thermal growth in one or both of the machines
  • Precision movement of the machinery
Precision Alignment: Laser Alignment-Tools and Techniques
  • The tools and equipments
  • Principle operation
  • Setting up procedure
  • Taking the reading procedure
  • Correction Made
Updated on 19 January, 2017

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All participants will be provided with a “Successfully completed course” certificate for those participants who satisfy the following conditions 100% attendance in the class Submit all the course work and assignments Successful completion of the End of course Assessment

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