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Price: AED 1,750
  • Timings: Friday - 8am to 5pm

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This course develops all these skills and knowledge that enable office Professional to maximize his contribution to the manager, team and organization , such skills as excellent office skills, including filing, preparing for meetings, dealing with people, both on the telephone and face-to-face, exceptional interpersonal abilities, and first class business writing and communication skills.

Designed for:

Secretaries or administrators, who wish to improve their skills, or about to be appointed to such a position

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to;

  • Practical skills and knowledge to improve the overall administration within your office, or organization
  • A clear understanding of what makes a good secretary or administrator
  • Plan, organize and manage their time more effectively.
  • Effective communication skills to deal successfully with colleagues and customers.
  • You will leave the course with practical toolkits and a list of tips and recommended further reading.


  • Secretarial & Administrative Role (Responsibilities, Skills, Qualities)
  • Developing A Professional Image (Professional Appearance, Timekeeping & Punctuality, Office Ethics
  • Prioritization and flexibility when priorities change
  • Effective time Management, saving time using email, avoiding common mistakes
  • Understanding different Methods of Filing & Selecting the Best One
  • Managing Petty Cash
  • Effective listening skills, Communication, Body Language, Words, & Tone of Voice, Questioning For Clarity, Saying 'No' Constructively
  • Establishing effective procedures - organizing diaries and follow up
  • Organizing meetings - taking minutes.
  • Writing on behalf of others
  • Formulating an action plan
  • Effective written Business Communication
  • Telephone Skills and Telephone Etiquette

 Course includes:

  • Pre Training Assessment
  • Comprehensive training material
  • Certificate of completion attested by KHDA

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About Skyrocket Training

Skyrocket Training provides top notch quality, short courses to corporates and individuals. Flexible enough to assist in implementation of corporates Training plans as well as to manage last minute requirements.
Our Trainers are professionals in their ï¬elds, multilingual, and we take quality assurance very seriously to ensure you get the most of our Training.

The goal of skyrocket training is to help you and your company to remain competitive, as well as acquire and master new knowledge and personal skills.
Our objective is not restricted to delivering the classical form of training, but rather to adopting training processes that have been constantly tested and updated.

Why people choose Skyrocket Training?

  1.  Because of our creative approach, innovative tools, and a global network of professional and expert trainers.
  2.  State of the art quality in all things, from contents to methods and tools, and in customer satisfaction.
  3.  An operational vision in direct contact with corporate realities
  4.  Creativity at all times, that pushes us to acquire the knowledge of tomorrow
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