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About The Project Simulation
Our Project Simulation Training program is an online simulation of project management which allows learners to acquire core project management competencies as well as teamwork and leadership skills in an enjoyable way. So far, the simulator is used in more than 50 countries and has contributed to the training of more than 150'000 project managers. They enjoyed to be exposed to a close to real project, to take decisions under pressure and finally to review them - without any implication on their promotion or ;
How the Simulation Works

The SimulTrain  simulator trains in two different domains: 
  • Project Management Technical Competencies 
  • Project Management Behavioral Competencies 
Project Management Technical Competencies 
  • Initiating and Planning a ;
  • identifies the project team with agreed roles and responsibilities 
  • organizes the Quality Management process 
  • Executing, Monitoring and Controlling a Project. The project manager: 
  • manages Human resources 
  • verifies that quality is monitored and controlled 
  • manages Material resources 
  • monitors project status, communicating that status to stakeholders 
  • manages changes in a professional manner 
  • makes decisions that mitigate risk 
  • verifies that contracts are correctly administered 

Project Management Behavioral Competencies
  • actively listens, understands, and responds to stakeholders 
  • creates a team environment that promotes high performance 
  • builds and maintains effective relationships 
  • motivates and mentors project team members 
  • takes accountability for delivering the project 
  • plans and manages for project success in an organized manner 
  • resolves conflict involving the project team or stakeholders 
  • effectively resolves issues and solves problems 
  • resolves problems with the project 
  • maintains project stakeholder involvement, motivation and support 
  • manages a diverse workforce 
  • resolves individual and organizational issues while maintaining objectivity
Updated on 13 January, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

minimum computer skills knowledge and microsoft office  


PMO-ME is a proud business venture with a market presence in the Middle East for more than 16 years, we fully understands the Corporate PMO Services and Enterprise Learning & Development service environment and its challenges.

Our team of dedicated highly qualified professionals, our knowledge, competency and commitment are what set us apart from competition. We practice what we preach and deliver part of our service online.

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