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The Online Forex Trading Course : Beginner to Expert is designed to take newbies as well as practiced traders to new levels of understanding, focus & clarity in trading the financial markets with consistent profitability.

The FREE complimentary reading material of this course is the warm up stage and is designed to cover all elementary aspects of forex trading, so that newbies can comfortably transition to the main course.
The paid content of the course is 90% in video format and contains powerful PROPRIETARY concepts based on years of research.
  • Lesson 1-5 are focused on understanding market structures and some important areas of technical analysis in a simple and novel ;
  • Lesson 6-9 describe four powerful candlestick patterns that are highly successful when found in the right ;
  • Lesson 10-13 focus on a unique risk management strategy that will always keep losses controlled and maximize ;
  • Lesson 14 provides example of how to apply the strategy from A TO Z, and how it results in successful ;
  • Lesson 15 discusses how pending orders can be applied to different price action setups to enhance ;
  • Lesson 16 discusses which charts and time frames are the best for ;
  • Lesson 17 focuses on the emotions and mindset of a trader, and explains five mental trading traps and how to avoid ;
The course will teach you simple, yet the most efficient and optimal trading strategies that give you amazing profitability.
It will give you the confidence to trade manually and use your discretion rather than falling for trading robots and algorithmic systems, which in fact are not profitable.
Your trading results will be greatly accelerated when you apply these time proven strategies to your trading.
You will finally begin to realize long-term consistent profitability in your trading.

These strategies are equally applicable to currencies, commodities (gold, silver, crude oil) and stock indices (S&P500, FTSE100 etc)
You get LIFETIME access to the course, which will be updated & extended regularly. Updated on 12 May, 2019

About Trade in Peace

At Trade In Peace (TIP) we are dedicated to understanding and managing the emotional ecology of a trader's mind, because we believe that the primary reason why people lose money in trading is not due to lack of market knowledge, a trading strategy or even risk management; it is the absence of a functional belief in the necessity of maintaining and regulating a trader's emotions correctly before, during and after trading, that lead to losses and lack of success in trading.

At Trade In Peace, we also aim to dismantle some misrepresentative concepts and beliefs that have become commonplace through fallacious marketing practices, such as the fact that forex trading can make you wealthy quickly, and that it does not require any hard work or skill building. Unsuspecting investors are led into believing that trading is a 'get rich quick' scheme by showing them extreme theoretical reward possibilities are only consistently possible on paper.

Our genuine desire and greatest accomplishment would be that Trade In Peace proves to be a sincere assistance for those seeking to become successful traders or investors in this field.

Sara Waqar : Founder Trade In Peace

Sara Waqar is a financial entrepreneur, proprietary trader, fund manager and mentor, specializing in trading spot currency and CFD Futures over commodities and equity indices. She has a 10 year academic background and Master degrees in both Economics & Finance, holds the National Commodity Futures License (Series 3), and Retail Foreign Exchange License (Series 34), of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, USA, and has a firm grip on technical and fundamental mechanisms of price determination, especially in a global setting. Sara works with a number of acclaimed brokerages, fund management firms and banks.

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