About Trade in Peace

At Trade In Peace (TIP) we are dedicated to understanding and managing the emotional ecology of a trader's mind, because we believe that the primary reason why people lose money in trading is not due to lack of market knowledge, a trading strategy or even risk management; it is the absence of a functional belief in the necessity of maintaining and regulating a trader's emotions correctly before, during and after trading, that lead to losses and lack of success in trading.

At Trade In Peace, we also aim to dismantle some misrepresentative concepts and beliefs that have become commonplace through fallacious marketing practices, such as the fact that forex trading can make you wealthy quickly, and that it does not require any hard work or skill building. Unsuspecting investors are led into believing that trading is a 'get rich quick' scheme by showing them extreme theoretical reward possibilities are only consistently possible on paper.

Our genuine desire and greatest accomplishment would be that Trade In Peace proves to be a sincere assistance for those seeking to become successful traders or investors in this field.

Sara Waqar : Founder Trade In Peace

Sara Waqar is a financial entrepreneur, proprietary trader, fund manager and mentor, specializing in trading spot currency and CFD Futures over commodities and equity indices. She has a 10 year academic background and Master degrees in both Economics & Finance, holds the National Commodity Futures License (Series 3), and Retail Foreign Exchange License (Series 34), of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, USA, and has a firm grip on technical and fundamental mechanisms of price determination, especially in a global setting. Sara works with a number of acclaimed brokerages, fund management firms and banks.

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