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Module 1: Introduction and Background.

This module contains Components of Power System, System Running Condition, Aim of Protection, Fault Statistics, Protection Zones, Requirements of a Good Relay, Protection System Components, Time of Action, Calculation of Fault Currents, Modelling of Power System During Faults, and Power System Grounding. This module contains more than 6 examples and exercises.

Module 2: Protection System Components.

This module contains Protection Transformers, Current Transformers, Current Transformer Errors, Methods of Assessment of Current Transformer Errors, Voltage Transformers, Capacitor Voltage Transformers, Fuses, High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) Fuse, Fusing Factor, Circuit Breakers, AC Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, SF6 Circuit Breakers, Oil Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Circuit Breakers, DC Circuit Breaking, DC Commutation Methods, DC Circuit Breakers, and Future Trend of Circuit Breakers. This module contains more than 10 examples and exercises.

Module 3: Protection Relays‎.

This module contains Classification of Protection Relays, Electromagnetic Relays,  Applications of Relays, Single Quantity Relays, Two Input Relays, Differential Relays, Ratio or Percentage Differential Relays, Percentage Differential Relay, and Impedance or Distance Relays.

Module 4: Protection Schemes.

This module contains Over Current Protection, Protection Grading, Directional Over Current Protection, Over Current Earth Fault Protection, Differential Protection, Distance Protection, Zones of Protection and Time Grading, Types of Distance Relays, and Fault Resistance. Module 5: Protection of Transmission Lines.
This module contains Over Current Protection, Overcurrent Earth Fault Protection, Distance Protection, and Pilot Protection.

Module 6: Protection of Plants.

This module contains Generator Protection including Differential Protection, Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection, Negative Phase Sequence Protection, Turn To Turn Stator Protection, Loss of Excitation Protection, Reverse Power Protection, Over Frequency and Under Frequency Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Thermal Protection, and Over Speed Protection. Transformer Protection including Over Current Protection, Differential Protection, Buchholz Relay, Coolant Level Protection, and Over Temperature Protection. Motor Protection including Mechanical Overloading Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Earth Faults Protection, Stalling Protection, Single Phasing Protection, Winding Temperature Protection, and Under Voltage Protection. Cable Protection. This module contains more than 6 examples and exercises. 

Updated on 23 January, 2017

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All participants will be provided with a “Successfully completed course” certificate for those participants who satisfy the following conditions 100% attendance in the class Submit all the course work and assignments Successful completion of the End of course Assessment

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