Prolific Systems And Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pneumatics & Electro-Pneumatics Maintenance & Trouble-shooting Prolific Systems And Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Module 1
  • Objectives of low cost automation
  • Basic principles of compressed air supply, production, preparation and distribution
  • Power section devices (Linear and rotary actuators)
  • Use of directional control valve, flow control, pressure and time control valves and sensorsStructure and function of pneumatic devices and valves
  • Basic logic functions and their application
  • Symbolic representation of devices and standards (ISO 1219)Systematic design of circuit diagrams
  • Reading pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • Operating modes in pneumatic control systems
  • Safety regulations and valid industrial standards
  • Typical industrial circuits
  • Identifying and eliminating faults
Module 2
  • Pneumatic Symbols and Standards
  • Pneumatic power generation, preparation and distribution
  • Design, function and identification of pneumatic components
  • Reconstruction and reading of pneumatic circuits
  • Reviewing, completing and using machine documentation
  • Developing and applying troubleshooting strategies
  • Optimising systems using fault documentation
  • Learning and applying safety regulations and valid standards
Module 3
  • Basic Principles of compressed air technology, production, preparation and distribution (Review)
  • Power section devices and actuators, (specific application) Bellows, Rodless, rotary & Impact cylinders, Pulse Ejectors, Grippers
  • Valves and basic logic funcions (specific application) Counters, Timers, Two Hand and binary control
  • Positioning, open and closed loop
  • Sequence, and sequence stepper control
  • Vacuum technology
  • Low pressure pneumatics (air sensors and amplifiers)
  • Emergency Controls (soft start)
  • Hydraulic feed units
  • Rotary Index tables, and strip feed units
  • Practical exercise and typical industrial circuits
Module 4
  • Hydraulic equipment maintenance - why it’s so important
  • Maintaining fluid cleanliness
  • Maintaining fluid temperature and viscosity within optimum limits
  • Maintaining hydraulic system settings to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Scheduling component change-outs before they fail
  • Following the correct commissioning prodedures
  • Conducting failure analysis
  • The true cost of hydraulic fluid leaks
  • Fluid contamination and dealing with water in hydraulic fluid
  • Troubleshooting basics and how to avoid costly mistakes
  • Symptoms of common hydraulic problems and their causes
  • Locating internal leakage
  • Fundamentals of hydraulic component and cylinder repair
Module 5
  • Electrical and pneumatic symbols and standards
  • Interaction of control section and pneumatic power section
  • Components of power section control section
  • Electronic sensors (inductive, capacitive and infrared)
  • Systematic production and reading of electrical circuit diagrams
  • Operating modes of electro - pneumatic control systems
  • Coordinated sequence controls
  • Fault finding procedures and systematic troubleshooting
  • Safety regulations and valid standards for pneumatics
  • Practical exercises for all circuits
  • Typical Industrial circuits
Updated on 19 January, 2017

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All participants will be provided with a “Successfully completed course” certificate for those participants who satisfy the following conditions 100% attendance in the class Submit all the course work and assignments Successful completion of the End of course Assessment

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Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Started 1997 in India by technocrat promoters with engineering background and industrial work experience. Prolific provides turnkey automation solutions and Technical Training services to over 200 manufacturing firms across the globe. Prolific employs over 300 technical professionals on its payroll. Prolific is an established industrial training brand in “India and Middle East”.

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