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This course has it all! From Your First Brushstroke to Your Ultimate Masterpiece! One course – all aspects of acrylic.

Anyone can master acrylic painting with the right skills! In this all-inclusive acrylic painting course, you will learn to achieve a wide range of painting techniques. Gain confidence to create any painting effect, style and image you desire! Learn from the nation’s foremost acrylic expert and international best-selling author of acrylic painting books, including Acrylic Revolution. As a bonus gift, Instructor Nancy Reyner includes four pdf books at no additional cost with this course. This is a $95 value if purchased separately.

Nancy’s professional and easy-to-follow videos show you all the ways to use acrylic – from traditional painting methods such as glazing, stippling, color mixing and dry brushing, as well as NEW contemporary methods such as flinging, pouring, sanding, layering, and hundreds more painting tips to get successful results.

This course can be used in two ways; a do-it-yourself course AND a reference guide. Follow each video in order like a workshop. Use it again and again as a handy resource guide to quickly access acrylic techniques whenever you need to. Warning – this course may cause extreme side effects such as creative joy and a genuine painting addiction!
What you will learn?

Learn the broad range of acrylic painting in depth – how to use acrylic in multiple ways, optimal set up and preparation, best supplies to have and secret tricks to obtain special effects. Save money knowing what to purchase and how to use it without waste. Learn the wide range acrylic can offer to create any effect with any style. Traditional techniques include glazing, dry brush, blending, color mixing as well as contemporary effects such as pouring, sanding, layering.

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Who is this course for?

Any level will benefit! All techniques are fully explained for a wide audience and range of techniques. If you are a beginner and serious about painting, this course will have you learning to paint with ease and confidence in no time! Perhaps you already have some painting experience in another medium – like oil or watercolor? Then this course will make it easy to transfer your process to acrylic. This course will assist all artists, so even painters with years of acrylic experience will enjoy adding new and exciting ideas, great tips to control results, and more expertise to resolve technical issues on painting. Complete this course and get everything you need to paint successfully with acrylic.


Once you have successfully completed the Professional Acrylic Painter course, you will receive an accredited certificate from Queen Mary Academy as validation of your new skills. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £12, or a hard copy can be sent via post at the cost of £35.

Career path

On successful completion of the Professional Acrylic Painter course, learners will have the knowledge, skills and credentials to enter the relevant job market, with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related professions. Students will be able to add this qualification to their CV/resume, giving them a head start in their chosen field. Updated on 16 October, 2020

Eligibility / Requirements

No previous art or painting experience is required. You will need basic painting tools to start, such as brushes, surfaces and paints. Please know the first lecture gives advice and recommendations on supplies. This course covers all aspects of painting with acrylic. All levels of painters will benefit, regardless of the style – realistic or abstract. The course begins with important basics, then continues to increase technical skills for intermediate and advanced painting with acrylic.

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