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Admin, Secretarial & PA

Certificate of achievement in Admin, Secretarial & PA Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Admin, Secretarial & PA Certificate with 200 CPD points available with no extra study.
Study Admin, secretarial & PA Diploma Level 7 course for the opportunity to earn an endorsed Diploma. A career as a Admin, secretarial & PA could take you places you never dreamed possible. It's no secret that successful personal assistants enjoy a high-flying lifestyle, where global travel and glamorous engagements are all part and parcel of the job. It's simply a case of taking that first important step up the ladder. Breaking into the world of Admin, secretarial & PA Diploma services is never easy, but promises an incredible long-term outlook for those who make it. Whether the dream is to support a business owner, an executive or even a celebrity, targeted studies could make all the difference. By studying online for a Level 7 Admin, secretarial & PA Diploma, you'll be one step closer to transforming your dreams into a rewarding reality!
This introductory Level 7 Admin, secretarial & PA Diploma is ideal for newcomers, with no prior knowledge or experience required. Study the basics of professional Admin, secretarial & PA Diploma services, building the confidence you'll need to take your career to the next level. Get to know the daily duties and functions of personal assistants, the secretarial skills needed to work as a PA and the characteristics that make the difference between successful PAs and everyday administrative assistants. Enjoy the freedom to study from any location at a pace that suits you, with complete tutor support provided throughout! If you're ready to take the next step in your career journey, get started on your Level 7 Admin, secretarial & PA Diploma today!

Course Outline
Our most advanced Admin, Secretarial & PA Diploma explores the functions and objectives of key administrative personnel at the highest level. Each of the 20 course modules concludes with an online assessment, which your assigned tutor will mark and return with helpful feedback. Topics covered in this advanced diploma include the following:

Unit 1 The Job Functions of a PA / Secretary
  • Role and Responsibilities of a PA / Secretary
  • Daily Routine
  • Office Supplies
Unit 2 Telephone Skills
  • Telephone Usage
  • Telephone Manners
  • Telephone Etiquette Tips
  • Domestic Long-Distance Calls
  • Voice-Mail Etiquette
Unit 3 Mail Services and Shipping
  • Forwarding First-Class and Other Mail
  • Alternatives to Royal Mail
  • Other Shipping Services
Unit 4 Travel Arrangements
  • Transportation Reservations
  • Finding a Reputable Agent
  • Using a Travel Agent for International Travel
Unit 5 Organising Meetings
  • Anatomy of a Meeting
  • Types of Corporate Meetings
  • Common Problems When Scheduling Meetings
  • Planning for the Conference
  • Preparing Conference Materials
Unit 6 Time Management
  • Overview of Time Management
  • Controlling Procrastination
  • Maintaining an Activity List
  • Creating Action Plans
Unit 7 Keeping Accurate Records
  • How to Alphabetize for Filing and Indexing
  • Individual or Personal Names
  • File Cabinets
  • Organizing Your Computer Files
  • Using Documents Library
Unit 8 Writing Business Letters
  • Business Documents
  • Beginning the Letter
  • Closing the Letter
  • Hyperlinks in Email Messages
  • Email Protocol for Administrative Assistants
  • HTML Format Versus Plain Text
Unit 9 Other Written Communication
  • Reports
  • Memorandum Report
  • Report Templates
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Electronic Revisions

Unit 10 Presentation Skills
  • Good Preparation
  • Starting and Ending Your Presentation
  • Visual Aids
  • Group Presentations
Unit 11 Communication Skills
  • Nonverbal Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service Fundamentals
  • Types of Interviews
  • Question Sequence and Wording
Unit 12 Active Listening
  • The Basics of Active Listening
  • Understanding the Communication Process
Unit 13 Administrative Skills
  • Importance of Business Environment
  • Types of Business Environment
  • Social Responsibility of a Business
  • Business Ethics
Unit 14 Office Management & Supervision
  • The Role of the Office Manager
  • Building Trust with Your Team
  • Typical Ethical Issues in Business
  • Whistleblowing
  • Plant Closing Laws
Unit 15 Budgets and Managing Money
  • Monitoring and Managing Budgets
  • Decision Making
Unit 16 Dealing With Difficult People Conflict Resolution
  • Different Stages of Conflict
  • Conflict Management
Unit 17 Business Ethics for the Office
  • Introduction to Business Ethics
  • Philosophical Approaches to Ethics
  • Developing Codes for Office Ethics
  • Common Ethical Dilemmas
Unit 18 Business Etiquette
  • Introduction to Business Etiquette
  • Proper ways for Business Dining
Unit 19 Effective Planning and Scheduling
  • Introduction to Work Breakdown Structure
  • Effective Project Planning
  • Project Risk Management and Communication Plans
Unit 20 Microsoft Office 2016

MS Word
  • Getting Started with Word
  • Identify the Components of the Word Interface
  • Microsoft Office Word 2016
  • Word Documents
  • The Word Application Window
  • The Ribbon
  • The Backstage View
  • Task Panes
  • Galleries
  • Document Views
  • Create a Word Document
  • Creating a Blank Document
  • Default Typing Options
  • Formatting Marks
  • Save Options
  • Sharing a Document
  • Preview and Print Options
  • Accessing Advanced Help Options
MS Excel
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface
  • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • What are Spreadsheets, Worksheets, and Workbooks?
  • What are Columns, Rows, Cells, and Ranges?
  • The Excel Interface
  • Navigation Options
  • Creating a New Blank Workbook
MS Powerpoint
  • Modifying the PowerPoint Environment
  • Customize the User Interface
  • The PowerPoint Options Dialog Box
  • The Customize Ribbon Category
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Move the Quick Access Toolbar
  • The Customize Status Bar Menu
  • TOPIC B: Set PowerPoint 2016 Options
  • Save Options
  • Proofing Options
  • Advanced Options
Updated on 20 April, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

Admin, Secretarial & PA

No particular entry requirement

Option 1
Admin, Secretarial & PA Diploma QLS Level 7 endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Certificate Fee: £170 + postal charges
Option 2
Admin, Secretarial & PA Diploma issued by OHSC
PDF Certificate - FREE
Hard copy - £25 + postal charges
Option 3
CPD Accredited Certificate
(PDF format)=£30
(Hard copy)=£150 + postal charges
*Postage Charges: National £9, International £15

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