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    Generator Operation & Maintenance 

    Course Outline

    1. Understand the need of standby power sources
    2. Types of generating sets, selection criteria for given application, Economy factor
    3. Introduction to DG sets
    4. Composition of Modern DG sets
    • Combustion system
    • Fuel system
    • Lubrication system
    • Cooling system
    • Induction & exhaust systems
    • Control panel
    1. Understand the principles of combustion processes and engine operation
    2. Understand fuel and lube oil requirements
    3. Explain the various engine components and their functions
    4. Understand the generator principles and construction
    5. Review plant layout requirements for single and multiple units
    6. Learn about associated control panels and operation
    7. Comprehend the testing and commissioning procedures
    8. Understand plant performance troubleshooting techniques
    9. Learn and apply good maintenance practices

    Electrical Transformer Testing and Maintenance

    • Transformer Principles
      • Transformers
      • Right Hand Rule
      • Magnetic Flux
      • Magnetic Induction
      • Left Hand Rule Turns Ratio
      • Transformer Losses
      • Transformer Types
    • Vector Diagrams
      • Operating Principles
      • Operation Without Load
      • Operation with Load
    • Transformer Classifications
      • Service Classification
      • Instrument Transformers
        • Current
        • Potential
    • Transformer Construction (Construction)
      • Magnetizing Circuits
      • Losses
        • Hysteresis Loss
        • Eddy-Current Loss
      • Efficiency
    • Cooling
      • Air Cooled Oil-Immersed
        • Water-Cooled
        • Forced-Oil Cooling
        • Self-Cooling with Air Blast
      • Temperature Limits
      • Transformer Loading
    • Tap Changers
      • No-Load Tap Changer
      • Tap Changing Under Load
      • Phase-Angle Control
    • Transformer Connections
      • Single Phase Circuits
      • Two-Phase Circuits
      • Three-Phase Circuits
    • Transformer Maintenance
      • Insulation Testing
      • High Potential Testing
      • Turns Ratio Testing
      • Polarity Testing
      • Power Factor
      • Excitation Current
      • DC Winding Resistance
      • Polarization Recovery
      • Insulating Fluid Dielectric
      • Dissolved Gas Analysis
    • Transformers and Relaying
      • Transformer Faults
      • Differential Relaying
        • Normal Load
        • External Faults
        • Internal Faults

    Circuit Breaker Fundamentals

    • Circuit Breaker Functions
    • The Interrupting Rating
    • Principles of Arc Interruption
    • Insulation Media: Breakers Categorized by Insulation Media
    1. Air Circuit Breaker
    2. Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    3. Sulphur Hexafluoride(SF6) Breaker
    • Insulation Requirements
    • Circuit Breaker Controls
    • Methods of Operation
    • Circuit Breaker Testing
    • Contact Resistance
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Operation and Timing Tests
    • Air Circuit Breakers
    • Description of Operation
    • Periodic Inspection and Maintenance
    • Elementary Wiring Diagram
    • Westinghouse Type DHP Air Circuit Breakers
    • Periodic Inspection and Maintenance
    • Vacuum Circuit Breakers
    • Principles of Operation
    • Major Components
    • Maintenance Notes
    Updated on 18 September, 2019

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