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Price: AED 53,539
  • Duration / Course length: 1 To 5 Years
  • Accrediting country: UK

    Course details

    Program Description

    This dual master's degree in Data Analytics and Project Management will equip you with knowledge of how data can help drive project management decisions, as well as to measure how a project is performing. Our flexible online programming offers the ability to work alongside your studies, giving you the edge to progress in your current career with the confidence to take on and manage business ;

    Course Overview

    The modern workplace relies on data, and those with the skills to handle and interpret an organisation's data are in high demand. This MSc Data Analytics & Project Management programme is delivered by Arden University and combines your study of data analytics with the strategic and managerial skills to see projects through to completion.
    Arden University's online programme delivery makes it is easier to develop your data handling and project management skills alongside your existing commitments and responsibilities. This programme will help you take your career to the next level whilst you bring your organisation closer to its performance goals.

    Course Modules

    Data Design:

    Understand how to approach data by addressing key questions about your intended business outcomes, and select the most appropriate data collection method. You will learn to design deployment approaches and implement instruments and systems for data collection to achieve valuable outcomes.

    Data Handling and Decision Making:

    With access to more data than ever, those equipped to handle and interpret this data can add real value to the workplace. The focus of this module is learning how to both interpret data, and make key business decisions shaping the future of an organisation.

    Data Visualisation and Interpretation:

    Gain the crucial data skills that give businesses their significant competitive advantage by learning to present this data in a universally engaging manner, which can be understood by specialists and non-specialists alike.

    Project Management Techniques:

    By breaking down the different types of project management, you'll learn solid methods to control projects from beginning to end. This modules covers budgets, how to resolve complex issues, and coordinate the work of a project team.

    Management of Projects:

    Take charge of projects with all the necessary models, learning the ropes of effective leadership, how to match people to tasks, schedule, budget, and make risk assessments. You will also develop the ability to identify whether or not an investment will be worthwhile.

    Project Analytics:

    Use data to drive project management decisions, and maintain the health of a project through its entire duration. Discover the context in which these facts and stats are used to measure project performance, and become confident in the use of analysis to inform decisions.

    Research Project:

    This vital project gives you a chance to research an area of your choice, related to the programme theme, and develop your critical abilities. You'll create a research proposal, choose between conventional dissertation, or academic article and presentation, and then apply all of your knowledge from the programme, with the opportunity to link your research to your actual work needs. Updated on 11 February, 2021

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for this course you must normally have:

    • A UK honours degree at a minimum of second class () or equivalent.
    • For students whose prior learning was not taught in English: IELTS or equivalent (no less than in any element).
    What if I don’t have academic qualifications?

    We positively encourage and consider applications from those with substantial management experience (typically 5 years) able to demonstrate their motivation to study the programme. We will ask for your CV and references in support of your application.

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    Arden University is a private, for-profit teaching university in the United Kingdom. It offers a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes with both blended and online distance learning delivery options. Its head office is in Coventry with study centres in Birmingham, Manchester, and London.

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