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Cost Volume Analysis  - CVP

  • Explain variable, fixed, and mixed costs and the relevant range.
  • Apply the high-low method to determine the components of mixed costs.
  • Prepare a CVP income statement to determine contribution margin
  • Compute the break-even point using three approaches
  • Determine the sales required to earn target net income and determine margin of safety.
  • Use CVP analysis to respond to changes in the business environment.

Incremental Analysis

  • Describe management's decision making process and incremental analysis.
  • Incremental analysis approach
  • How incremental analysis works
  • Types of incremental analysis
  • Analyze the relevant costs in various decisions involving incremental analysis.
  • Special price order
  • Make or buy
  • Sell or process further
  • Repair, retain, or replace equipment
  • Eliminate an unprofitable segment or product
Updated on 15 May, 2019

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Talents Mine is HR consultation and Learning Solutions Company. As today’s market competition becomes very aggressive, Talents Mining is the science of sorting of large amounts of human capitals and identifying their potentials. Talents Mine helps the individuals to sharpen their skills to climb their corporate ladders and achieve their career goals. Talents Mine enables the individuals and organizations to view the competition as an opportunity instead of viewing the competition as an obstacle.

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