King of Sales in a Risky Kingdom Protocol & Etiquette Academic Centre of Excellency

Learning the key fundamentals of selling and taking the audience through all the needed skills until reaching effective sales management

Target Audience: TOP management, middle and senior staff, and sales men

Phase One: Fundamentals of Sales

  • Basic sales cycle and basic skills

Phase Two: Different Sales Strategies & Techniques

  • The sales profession and psychology of prospects
  • Closing
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Sales planning

Phase Three: Supervisory Sales Skills

  • Team management skills
  • Managing team meetings
  • Leadership and motivation


  • Group work and discussions
  • Role-plays- team exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Anecdotes
  • Qs and As
  • Chalk and talk

It is the sole and pioneer Protocol and Etiquette Academic Centre of Excellency in the Middle Eastern market. It is newly implemented in the training domain to provide training, recruitment. and business development and consultations to any organization in the Middle East.

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