IETQAN ISO 21500 Project Manager "Approved PECB" IETQAN
Price: AED 2,500
  • Timings: Evening Classes

Course details

The course covers the following competence domains:

Domain 1: Fundamental principles and definitions in project management
Domain 2: Guidance on Project Management Best Practices based on ISO 21500
Domain 3: Planning a project based on ISO 21500
Domain 4: Implementing a project based on ISO 21500
Domain 5: Performance evaluation, monitoring and measurement of a project based on ISO 21500
Domain 6: Continual improvement of a project based on ISO 21500
Domain 7: Preparation for a project management audit

Who Should Apply?

  • Project managers 
  • Operations managers 
  • Program managers 
  • Quality managers 
  • Senior managers 
  • Consultants 
  • Members of a project management team 
  • Project sponsors

Updated on 16 August, 2017


IETQAN means perfection and it is not just our name; it is the core driver that we treasure and the code we strive up to it. We are providing a fresh insight and helping the manager in making the shift required to ensure competitiveness in the future. Our Business philosophy: “In the management of change, the process is as important as the product”.
Ietqan is offering training, testing, validation and technical services to private sector and multinational companies throughout Egypt and the Area.

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