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    Long awaited by letter of credit users, the ISBP contains some 200 paragraphs setting forth the steps document checkers should take when reviewing presented documents.


    • Background, Purpose and Objectives of ISBP
    • Introduction and Preliminary Considerations
    • General Principles
    • Specific Requirements of the Stipulated Documents

    Some of the questions answered in the workshop:

    Are you 100% sure you have the right answers?

    • Do drafts, certificates and declarations - if not stated in the credit - require a signature?
    • Under what conditions can drafts drawn on the applicant be issued?
    • What effect do on board notations have if they contain the words "shipped in apparent good order", 
    • "laden on board" and "clean on board"?
    • What will be deemed to be the date of dispatch on a multi modal transport document?
    • Does an air transport document have to indicate that the goods have been accepted for carriage?
    • What constitutes an “alteration” or “addition” to a document, when and how should these 
    • be authenticated?
    • How should documents be signed, if this is not explicitly stated in the credit?
    • How should one handle typing errors on documents regarding the name and address, different 
    • addresses of same company, etc.?
    • Must trade terms, such as Incoterms, appear on the invoice?
    • What is the “face” of a transport document and should a practitioner examine the reverse side to 
    • determine the name of carrier, description of the journey, etc.?
    • What is a full set of insurance documents, a copy vs. an original, endorsements, and the effective date?
    • If the LC is silent, does a certificate require a date and/or a signature?
    • If the LC requires a document issued by Company A and an authorized signatory of Company A signs on Company B letterhead. Is this acceptable?
    • Can a bank reduce the number of acceptable languages in its advice and confirmation of the LC?
    • What three kinds of documents must bear an issuing date even if the LC and the UCP 600 are both silent?
    • "Within 2 days of (an event)" means 2 days before, or 2 days after that event or both?
    • If the LC requires a packing list and a weight list, is presentation of a combined packing/weight list acceptable?
    • Under what conditions is a typographical error not deemed to be a discrepancy?
    • Can documents show goods not mentioned in the LC, but all supplied free of charge, such as advertising materials, spare parts and other sales supports?
    • Must all bills of lading be marked "originals"?
    • Can an endorsement in a BL be made by an agent of the shipper?
    • Is a BL stating "packaging may not be sufficient for the sea voyage" acceptable?
    • If LC requires "insurance for 110%", should "sum insured" be exactly 110% CIF value or it only represents a minimum amount?


    • Background, Purpose and Objectives of ISBP
    • Introduction and Preliminary Considerations

    General Principles on:

    • Issuer
    • Language
    • Dates
    • Titles of Documents
    • Multiple Pages
    • Attachments and Riders
    • Originals and Copies
    • Expressions not defined in UCP 600
    • Typing Errors
    • Abbreviations
    • Inconsistency
    • Shipping Marks
    • Signatures
    • Certification and Declaration
    • Corrections and Alterations
    • Transport Documents Articles that do not apply

    Specific Requirements of the Stipulated Documents:

    • Drafts, 
    • Invoices, 
    • Maritime/Ocean Bills of Lading, 
    • Charter Party Bills of Lading, 
    • Multimodal Transport Documents,
    • Air Transport Documents, 
    • Road, Rail and Inland Waterway Transport Documents, 
    • Insurance Documents and Certificate of Origin.


    • Real life examples and interesting case studies
    • A chance to discuss and clarify your doubts, questions, trade issues etc.
    • Complete study material
    • Comprehensive Import Export Checklist
    • Quality refreshments and lunch
    • Certificate of attendance
    • Networking opportunity with banking and trade professionals


    A must for all practitioners of the UCP 600 and Letters of Credit Operations. Are you ready?

    • Document Checkers and Managers in Banks
    • Logistics Staff from Importers and Exporters
    • Documentation Staff of Freight Forwarders, Carriers and Insurers
    • Lawyers engaged in trade finance and commercial laws

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