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Describing the internal auditing

Discover the components of an efficient Internal Audit Function.

Describe the responsibilities of Management and function of Internal Audit. Discuss the differences and similarities between external and internal auditing. Describe the various Sorts of Internal Audit.

Course content

  • Diverse Road maps of Efficient Internal Audits
  • Describe the basics of Effective Audits
  • Describe Risk of Alpha and Beta audit
  • Perform operational, compliance and substantive tests. Calculate risk related to audit
  • Define the relationship between the control environment and internal environment and audit testing.
  • Concentrating the Internal Audit Investment
  • Relate the concept of the Audit planning process and the strategies of Internal Audit.
  • Create a long-term plan of audit for the Internal Audit department that is using Internal Control based risk assessment. Design and prepare an audit plan memorandum for every individual internal audit project assignment.
  • Documenting & Evaluating Systems of Internal Control
  • The precise understanding of the Work Process
  • Work process documents
  • Process Maps and Process Flow Diagram development
  • Complete the matrix of Audit Internal controls documentation Finalizing the objectives of the audit.
  • Global Business Advisors Making Connections I Delivering Results

  • Audit Evidence and Sampling 
  • Discuss all the principle concepts of Audit Evidence along with their impact on the Audit work papers development.
  • Reviews of Document analytics
  • Gather and test audit evidence
  • Complete and document substantive and compliance tests. Choose the right testing method
  • Discuss the techniques of Statistical sampling Find the sampling plan objective
  • Develop a sampling plan
  • Apply the techniques of Attribute Sampling Sample results extrapolation
  • Make sure that audit work papers support recommendations and conclusions.

Planning  and executing  interviews for successful audits.

  • Schedule interviews
  • Discuss the planning framework, evaluating the interviews results, and conducting them.
  • Managing conflict with management.
  • Listen effectively
  • Talk in a non-threatening surroundings
  • Understand all about confidential information

Updated on 21 March, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

This in depth course is designed for Financial managers, accountants, Internal auditors, safeguards of company assets and new staff

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